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Welcome, I have beeen a Avid You Tuber for over a year now, I have created alot of new friends who are interested in cooking of all kinds,, Please feel free to post your recipes and I will randomly select, Create and Post your recipe on You Tube.

To go to my Channel, Sign in to You Tube and click the following link.

Or in the search box type in gailiepoovlog..... I do almost daily videos about my family and what is going on in my life, And also do some cooking recipes via video,, I would love to cook for you on You Tube,, Please come join me.

Gail New
Jul 14, 2011

I am so sorry

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry I have been away for such a long time, I have not had time to cook hardly anything to speak of,, and have been getting ready to paint a new guest room,, Well, not exactly new,, it is my oldest son's bedroom, We are changing it into a guest room and a room for my Grand daughter.

Also, my youngest son, has been working at a Christain Youth camp this summer.. And I have had to drive him back and forth.

But I will be catching up on recipes and selecting some to make videos on my You tube channel very soon.. Of course i will give you credit for contributing the recipe.

Lately the weather here in Georgia has been in the high 90's with heat indexes in the lower 100's.. today it is suppose to be 100.degrees with a 60% chance of rain,, and we really need it.

if anyone would like to join my You Tube Channel,, Please send me a message and
I will send you the link.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Lauren Perkins-Boyd
May 27, 2011

Blue Ribbon Recipe!

I won my second blue ribbon today for my Grilled Chicken Sandwiches W/ Cilantro Lime Mayo. Check it out, it's quick and healthy but above all else it's GOOD!

Gail New
Feb 22, 2011

How is everyone doing?

Hello Ladies, Just came by to see how everyone was doing and how there day went.

Mine was pretty quiet, and Husband is on call with his work and had to go out at 9:00 tonight to fix a Air Conditioner,, He was not happy to say the least,, But luckily he gets to turn the pager in tomorrow,, Wednesday,, and someone else can have that headache.

Was ver nice weather here in Georgia, Sunny with highs around 80,, Feels like Spring is in the air,, Have a wonderful night.

Gail New
Feb 20, 2011

Baby Ruth Bars

This is my First Recipe posted on JAP. I hope you enjoy it. Also you can see the how to video on my You Tube Channel at gailiepoovlog. Baby Ruth Bars

Gail New
Feb 18, 2011

Happy Friday,

Hey Everyone, it is Gail, Just wanted to let you all know that I will be making the Baby Ruth Bars,, for JAP, as well as my You Tube Channel which is called gailiepoovlog... I will post the recipe on You Tube First, and then while it is loading there, I will come over here and post it to ALL of the groups I am in so everyone can see it,,

It is really easy and simple to make,, Just need my favoriet pot, but at the moment it is in the Dishwasher,, but I will be making it very soon,

Love Ya Lots,

Gail ----- Any Questions,, Just give me a call at 478-804-1548 I will be available all weekend.

Gail New
Feb 16, 2011


Dear Ladies,

I have made a mistake that I need to correct.

The You Tube Channel that I will be using is called gailiepoovlog. If you already have a You Tube Account, all you have to do is go to Search and type that in and it will take you directly to my channel and you can join there.

If you do not have a You Tube Channel, All you have to do is go to the home page, Register, create a account and then type gailiepoovlog in the search area and it will take you to my Channel.

I am so sorry for the inconvience that this has caused.

Also, you can contact me here, or on You tube, or by my personal e-mail account which is You can even give me a call at 478-804-1548.

Thank you all so much for joining and I will be doing a video later tonight, and I hope you will view it and see what is going on in my life,, Also I will be talking about my next recipe, which of course I will post here, as well as my You Tube Channel so you can visually see how to make it.

Thank you all for your understanding, and I hope I didn't inconvience anyone.

Thank you very much,


Gail New
Feb 14, 2011

Welcome to Creating a video of your recipes.

Hello, My name is Gail and I have been a long time You Tuber, I video recipes, vlog and talk about cosmetics and just about everything.

All you have to do is come on in and join and post your recipes, I will ramdomly pick recipes Video them while I make them and post them to my You tube channel,, my Id is gailiepoovlog.

Looking forward to creating your recipes and sharing them on You Tube for you.

Happy Cooking,