Hosted by Karen Lei Bellino Provo
Group active since Thu, Feb 10, 2011

Describe your new group for others. This group is dedicated and open to all who want to participate in AOK which stands for acts of kindness in any and every area and topic that enhances our lives as well as the lives of others. It is here that we can share acts of kindness together to make a difference around the globe by sharing our recipes and knowledge that we have from our friends and families who are rich in real life experiences.

Sharing our favorite family recipe

Would anyone in the group like to share a favorite family recipe with us? One that is sure to bring pleasure to all who have never had it and tastes too good not to pass around and share with those who want to make something as an AOK with a family member or friends who need a lift or dish to pass?

Working on my Description of Group

Hello and sorry that I am having so much trouble trying to post the description of this group correctly so that all can see without going into all of the discussions that have been posted. I am working on it. Thanks all!


AOK stands for: Acts Of Kindness

This group is for anyone and everyone who wants to get together to help others with recipe ideas, house cleaning tips, beauty tips, everything and any topic to pass along in ways to help one another and share ideas. If it be by making a dish to take to a shut in or to a caregiver who needs a break from cooking, a dish to take to a sick neighbor or friend. I would also like the group to be able to have somewhere to go for resources for help in any area that they have a need. If it is just to talk about what is bothering them help is here for all.