I have left this group

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I have left JAP

Linda Hughes
Nov 27, 2012

I added the following recipe to this group!

Loaded baked potato soup

Linda Hughes [nannyshelper] shared these recipes via their Premium Recipe Box.

joeyjoan K
Apr 6, 2012

9pm friday

Good Friday,What is every one up too??

joeyjoan K
Apr 5, 2012


It is 8Pm on munday Thursday. Watching please don't eat the Daisy's and wondering where everyone is

joeyjoan K
Mar 9, 2012


Last night as I was sitting watching my favorite movie Arsenic and old lace with Cary Grant I was browsing around in a dead quiet JAP and strolled in here to see what was up. 44 members and we have 822 recipes. That has to be some kind of record.Some real good recipes I might add.

joeyjoan K
Jun 9, 2011

I Love

I absolutly love all the recipes in this group. Yes I have been reading them all when I am bored at night I come in here and go thru them. It is like reading a cook book. Keep them coming every one...


Off to bed for me i work tomorrow. Gnight all.

joeyjoan K
Jun 2, 2011

Its that time again

Always around this time of day and for the next few hrs it becomes a ghost town in JAP. Dinner time coming up on east coast but what is every one on the west coast doing at this time?????

joeyjoan K
May 31, 2011

Oh my goodness

We have 385 recipes posted in this group. I am up and unable to sleep so you know what I will be doing for a while.LOL