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gina daoud
Apr 7, 2015

searching for recipe for polish apple cake

hi everyone...i love to bake and collect good recipes, my coworker who is polish brought me in a piece of apple cake...it was so soft , moist and not overly sweet...with a layer of sliced apples in the middle..whenever someone brings me a desert i always say i dont want the desert, i want the recipe...lol..anyways she wont give me the recipe..she keeps making excuses and i asked her twice and then just gave up, i got the hint..she did mention she used some potato flour to make it moist..so plz if anyone might know of a reciipe like this..i would be greatly appreciative of it...thx so much

Kim Biegacki
Mar 19, 2015

So, my Polish friends who all buys or makes their butter lamb for Easter?

Here is the one I started making a few years ago for our Easter celebrations. Woolly Butter Lamb

Kim Biegacki
Feb 17, 2015

Happy "Fat Tuesday"! Whose had their Paczki today?

I stopped at a local bakery to pick up my pre-ordered Paczki's and had some breakfast with a friend. I had a Warsaw Omelet and my friend Laura had a egg & cheese bagel sandwich along with a shot of Polish vodka for breakfast. We both had Paczki...mine was a custard filled and she got a plain one that was sugar coated. ---- Then, I was off delivering Packzi to my husband for his co-workers, took a dozen to my veterinarians office and a dozen to our groomers...of course I had to let them know Paczki (our male Schnoodle) was who requested they get some "REAL" Packzi. Everyone was excited and hopefully enjoyed their donuts too. Here is a recipe to make some homemade Paczki which is a little lighter of a recipe for these donuts. As when you make these when they are frying up become hollow inside and very easy to fill. The one's we had today were heavier but still just as delicious! Paczki - Famous Polish Donuts

Jun 30, 2014

New member KY born with Polish family

Hi everybody, My name is Carey and I have been on JAP for a couple years, but just learned about this group. I feel fortunate to find you. My grandmother was full Polish, but I never learned to cook from her and do my best to imitate her stuffed cabbages and pierogies. Stuffed cabbages are my favorite meal. Glad to meet everyone and hope to share many recipes and conversation.

Joel Weiher
Apr 21, 2014

Polish dish

Our church is having a Polish potlock dinner to honor Pope John's becoming a saint. I want to fix a meat dish not a dessert. We have a Priest visiting for Polland so I would like to fix something he might remember. I need help!

Joel liveweiher@yahoo.com

k r
Feb 5, 2014

Hello from Ireland!!

Hi there

My name is Karyn, i'm irish and live in Ireland. wer're lucky to have a lot of Polish living in Ireland now, and I have a wonderful polish neighbour who i'm always borrowing recipes from. She makes the most wonderful cakes. Baking is my thing and I love polish baking. Nice to meet you all

Staci Cakes
Dec 23, 2013

Wesołych Świąt

Wesołych Świąt!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!