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I started this because I have a question that isn't actually cooking and didn't know where else to post. This makes it easy to ask any question non cooking

Cheryl Miller
Dec 23, 2016

Can JAP recipes be adjusted for a different number of servings?

Many times I want to make one of the recipes on this site but there are only two of us and it seems like technology would make easy work of cutting quantities automatically. Yes I know I can figure it out myself but...maybe I just didn't locate the right button to push?

chocolate cool whip

hi all, I have a question. The stores in my area seem to be out of chocolate cool whip, if they even had it, and was wondering if any of you have found a good way to turn reg. cool whip to chocolate...I have thought about adding some powdered nestles quick bat am afraid iit will be grainy...Let me knowif you have any ideas..thanks

carol gilmore
Nov 17, 2011

kitchenaid mixer

I have a kitchenaid mixer when I mix cakes I use # 6 to mix my cakes, my friend told me 6 is to high I should use # 4 what do you think. and how long do you think I should mix the cakes. she said 6 allows to much air to get in the mix. Thanks

Judi Gealon
Nov 13, 2011

Cornbread Question

Does anyone out there have a Cornbread recipe that includes yellow cake mix?

Pat Duran
Nov 13, 2011


Is it possible to have the groups in Town Square alphabetized. It would make things so much easier!

Pat Duran
Nov 13, 2011


I have had avast for 2 years now and have had no problems at all.

Linda Gartner
May 25, 2011

Recipe Pictures

Is it ok to post recipes without pictures. I don't have a camera, or know how to load picture onto a computer. But I would love to share some of my recipes.

Aileen Wlasuk
May 24, 2011

iPhone app

Will an iphone app be created for this site? I have one for All Recipes and I love it.