Gastric Bypass

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Anyone who has had Gastric Bypass, or even the band knows that it's just a tool, not a miracle. I am starting this group so anyone thinking of it or has made the decision or Post operative may come here and talk, ask question and seek out any level recipe to help them in their journey. I had my bypass on February 14, 2008.

Karen O'Herron
Sep 17, 2014

New and jumping the hoops

I just went to see the Doctor on Monday to start the process for getting a Gastric Bypass, so jumping the hoops now. The process takes awhile before you can actually get to have the surgery, but hopefully come January I will have the surgery. I know this is what I need to get healthy and I am prepared to take whatever steps it takes to have this done. I am so glad to see this on here, because now I know I can hopefully get support.

Sherry Blizzard
Nov 24, 2013

Thanksgiving, the holidays and EATING.

I've got an 11 lb. organic turkey to roast, stuffing to make roasted squash and green beans with tomatoes. What is everyone making that is GB friendly?

Sherry Blizzard
Jul 28, 2013

Well Hell....while I am on the soapbox....Smoked Salmon!

I just posted about sweet vs. salty. I am now smoking 11 pounds of Copper River Red Sockeye Salmon. I said I prefer salty to sweet. When this salmon is almost smoked...(I'm leaving it a little wet because I'm going to pressure can it) I will bring it out of the smoker, allow it to cool, then pack it into pint jars and can it for 90 minutes. My family will love will our dogs and the hunky hubby out on the trail in the dead of winter. Salmon is a great protein source which we all know that we need. What better way to get your protein than smoking meat?

Sherry Blizzard
Jul 28, 2013

Where are my peeps?

Hey you guys....we need to stick together. It's hard enough being a GBP person, but being on JAP is just another nail in the coffin for me. I love to shop for food, cook it and present it. More times than not I cook it and do not eat in point: anything with cream, cookies, cakes, don't eat it but I love making it. I don't eat it because: #1 it makes me sick, #2 I would rather have something salty like pickles, #3 I am satisfied by just making it...I don't have to eat it to enjoy the experience. I know #3 is really hard to accept, but it is true. Even before my surgery, if I craved something...say banana pudding...I would make it and I didn't have to eat any of it. Just the act of doing it satisfied me. Anyone else out there like that?

Ellen Bales
Jul 23, 2013

New Group

I have just started a new group called RLS SUFFERERS for JAP members who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome or who have loved ones who suffer.
Here is a link to join:

Ellen Bales
Jun 18, 2013

New Group

Please check out my new group, JAP Birthday Greetings. I started this group to honor all JAP members' birthdays and send them a greeting on their special day.

Linda Vargas
Jun 15, 2013

Gastric Sleeve

I just had my surgery 5-21-13. I am in stage 3 and am at a loss as to what I can puree that might be healthy and good. I am still in the strict part where I can have no pasta, rice, breads. Is there anyone that can help with some ideas? Thank-You

Lily Moritz
Jun 11, 2013

Noodless pasta

After my gastric lap band surgery, I discovered shiritaki tofu noodles. Unlike refined flours, tofu, in a pasta shape is so much easier to digest. Follow the directions on the packaging by House Foods, and it should taste as if you were eating the real thing, with the added bonus of fewer carbs and more protein!

Here is one recipe I made.
Tuna Pad Thai