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This group is for those recipes we KNOW exist, have lost, never had and hopefully someone here might be willing to share!!

Lori Spaidal
Nov 11, 2016

Apple Butter

I need a recipe for Apple Butter please.

Lori Spaidal
Nov 10, 2016

Cream Cheese

I have 3 cups of cream cheese, what should I do with it besides cheesecake?

Pam Stewart
Nov 6, 2016

Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie from an old Current Cookbook

A friend is looking for a recipe from an OLD Current Cookbook. Its for a chicken or Turkey Pot Pie that has biscuits for the top crust instead of pie crust. She thinks the cookbook was Family Favorites from the Current Card Company.

Linda Smith
Sep 22, 2016

Czech Goulash

Does anyone have a recipe for Czech goulash

Lori Spaidal
Sep 21, 2016

Crispy Icing

My mom used to make an icing that when it set, is hardened a bit. Almost became a crispy texture. It was my favorite icing as a child.

Have a great day everyone! :)

Lori Spaidal
Jun 22, 2016


I am looking for a recipe for the jelly filling in doughnuts and I'd rather use homemade. Thanks

George Levinthal
May 27, 2016

BBQ Time

Good morning from Santa Barbara. Three days off and my BBQ and smoker are ready for work. Can't wait. I'm definitely going to be making my smoked baby-backed ribs this weekend. This recipe called for smoking but I've gotten similar results in by Weber and in the oven using the same times and temps. Always comes out great. Grab your favorite beverage(s), sit back and have a great BBQ weekend. Have fun and take a minute to remember why we have this long weekend.

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs in a Carolina Mop Sauce