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It's always been a struggle for me to to find a balance between healthy cooking/eating and those hard to resist meals that are not so good for you. I LOVE flavor. I wanted to be part of a group that could identify with these struggles, could offer support to each other, and could share healthy, tasty recipes & ideas.

Jody Breitenbach
Mar 10, 2015

Healthy Challenge

We started a 6 week healthy challenge at work. We're now in the final week. We've earned points along the way and the best team score wins! I don't even know what the prize is - and it doesn't matter. This challenge has opened my eyes and got me doing several things that I will continue to do - drink at least 64 ounces of water per day (I add True Lemon to mine), keep a food journal (app on my phone), no food after 9:00 PM, sweets only one day per week (like candy or cookie, ice cream), talking with friends about the challenge and your challenges, 2 servings of fruit and 3 of veggies (minimums) and exercise! I exercise 5 days per week now. The food journal (Noom) has really opened my eyes. I try not to go over the calories for the day. When I am out - I am out. If I go over, I don't beat myself up.

I want to find healthy recipes. Most on the site, that I've seen say nothing about fat per serving or calories. I try to take the recipes and make them healthier - lower in fat, sodium and calories.

I am happy to have joined this group!!

Janice Ross
Feb 14, 2015

Reading Labels!

I've been going to a dietician and my homework is to read labels! This is so hard. I'm trying to cut back on salt and processed foods. Everything in my cabinet is just that. I'm tired of bland food. Being from the south I love pork fat in my beans, etc. just not the same. Do you ever get used to this?

Sharon Colyer
Dec 6, 2014

Whole Flaxseeds VS Flaxseed Meal or Pre-ground Flaxseed Powder – For Your Info

I am so glad I came across this! I didn't previously know this, and I am glad I read this article.

Whole Flaxseeds VS Flaxseed Meal or Pre-ground Flaxseed Powder

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get: "Why buy whole flaxseeds instead of flaxseed powder or meal?"

"Flaxseed meal" refers to the by-product of the oil pressing process. During this industrial process, the oil is pressed out of the seed and sold as flaxseed oil. The remaining pulp, dietary fiber, and protein is sold as "flaxseed meal". Unfortunately, what most consumers don't understand is that much of the heart healthy properties of flaxseed, such as the omega-3 fatty acids, have been extracted into the oil.

Consumers also don't realize that many of these companies that sell flaxseed meal or oil perform this process in an industrial setting.

Immediately after flaxseed has been processed or pressed the interior of the seed is exposed to air and the process of oxidation begins. Oxidation quickly destroys the medically beneficial compounds such as omega-3 fatty acid that are found in flax seeds.

As is so often the case, mother nature knows best and the heart healthy benefits of "whole flaxseed" that are ground just prior to use is significantly more beneficial than trying to recombine the parts of flaxseed meal and flaxseed oil processed in a warehouse. Research has shown that important medical properities are found in all parts of the flaxseed and the entire seed will provide the maximum benefit.

Our (Great Plains Flax) whole flaxseeds are 100% natural, gluten-free and straight from the farm with no secondary processing performed on them. They grown right here in the USA and are also some of the highest purity available to the public.

When comparing products always be sure to read the product label carefully to determine how natural the product is and whether any post-processing has been done to the seeds.

Maria Espravnik
Mar 22, 2014

Tips postings?

Is it ok if I share healthy eating cooking tips here. Some will includelike charts and snags for sites

craftybear watson
Dec 27, 2013

Need recipes with low potassium

Hi Everyone,

I just joined the group today and still looking around your cool site.

My husband is a double transplant (new kidney and pancreas transplant 9/18/1990. He had his 6 month check up the first of December and said his potassium level is high, so for now no potatoes, no tomato products, no bananas and no orange juice.

I have been surfing online for some low potassium recipes with the nutrition count. Also I added an app to my cell phone named "Fat Secret" free app to put on cell phone and you can enter foods to find out nutrition and click on view full to get more nutrition values. You can also log in your food per meal to obtain the calories and nutrition count.

Lynn Socko
Dec 27, 2013

New Year's and blackeyed peas

Does your family have a "eat your blackeyed peas on New Year's Day" tradition? Do you have to fight to get some of your family to eat them? When we were kids they didn't bother me, but my brother hated them, and my mom would make him eat one spoonful.....covered in ketchup!! Guess whatever works. Well this is my grownup version of "disguising the blackeyed peas", and my son LOVES this dish, we all do. I created it in the summer time, but it's just as refreshing in the winter. If you can't find fresh corn, leave it off, it's still delicious. Summer inspired Corn & Bean Salad

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Lynn Socko
Dec 27, 2013

Sausage journey

My newest journey after the 1st is going to be making sausage links. I already make a breakfast sausage (patty). My initial goal was to make one with reduced sodium, however I found I did have to add some salt. I love all sausage but ALL sausage is so high in sodium, and most in fat as well. For the bkf sausage I used lean pork and added olive oil to give it that fat it needed. Now to make links. My first attempt will be to make some chicken sausage. I have two idea's I'm gonna start with, and I'm so excited. So as this journey progresses I'll let ya'll know how it turns out and will try to get the nutritional facts to go with each one.

Judy Kaye
Dec 26, 2013

OK! Back to eating the way we should.

I hope everyone had a GREAT CHRISTMAS. Hope you all have a wonderful New Year too and a GREAT 2014.
Now it is time for my family to get back to healthy eating and stop all the carbs and sugar. I'm so happy to see these wonderful healthy recipes.