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This group as you can see is for the chicken lovers out there thank Bea for the idea :)

Robin Lieneke
May 26, 2018

Divine Crab Stuffed Chicken Breasts

I made my Crab stuffed chicken breasts yesterday and tweaked the recipe with some new pictures. This is one of my most requested catering meals and is totally yummy. I brine my chicken breasts overnight before I start this recipe. I almost always brine poultry before I start recipe. I use a simple brine with Chardonnay and poultry seasoning along with sugar and salt. makes such a difference in any chicken recipe. Try these!! You will be so glad you did! Crab stuffed chicken breasts

Tiege stucky
Aug 30, 2016

Fool Proof Roasted Chicken

If you've been having trouble doing a full roast chicken, this one's for you! Roast Me A Chicken Baby!

Robin Lieneke
Feb 9, 2014

Recipe for love entry

Please vote for my recipe in the recipe for love contest. It's a perfect valentine main dish.
Chicken Pomodoro

Millie Johnson
Feb 6, 2014

Recipe for Love Contest

I've entered my Chicken Breast with a Spicy Orange Glaze. A delicious mix of sweet, spicy heat. Please drop by and vote. I would appreciate the support so much ! Thank you ! :)

Donna Graffagnino
Feb 6, 2014

Oysters a la Donna

Please vote for my Oysters a la Donna that is entered in the JAP Food For Love Recipe Contest. Don't forget to vote EVERY DAY! Send me a link to your entry and I'll vote for you, too! Mine is Original. Thanks!!!

Carol Junkins
Jan 29, 2014

Try this

barbecued chicken made on the stove top in a cast iron fry pan ~ it is so good and easy ! Barbecued Chicken on the stovetop

Bob Cooney
Jan 29, 2014

Ooooooooo Chicken Ooooooooooooooooooooo

Fireman Bob asks humbly... May I come in??