Wilderness Survival

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Locating edible plants and prepping them.

Tracking and Trapping game.

Any other know how on wilderness survival.

kathleen ralston
Jan 21, 2012

Wild At Heart

What an interesting group and an interesting subject that has always interested me. Can't say I know that much about all the wild plants that are edible, but I know a little. I know you can gather the unopened mustard flowers that grow in the spring everywhere. Steam them and they are similar to broccoli. I like the idea of knowing how to get by and what is good in nature.

Jan 20, 2011

Timely Topic

Sounds like an interesting concept - with recent news about global food shortages, articles about gm foods, lack of good water, etc - this may just be a timely topic. My 15 yr old believes she could survive in the wilderness, though she's never tried it, lol! we do live on 2 acres with a plethora of lizards, ground squirrels, rabbits, gophers, mice and creatures that could be a food source in tough times, haha. Okay, Bear Grylls, give us the scoop!