Got this? NOW WHAT!

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How many times have you gone to you cupboards/freezer/fridge, and thought mmm...ok I have this and that and a couple of these... WHAT CAN I MAKE?? Let your JUST A PINCH FAMILY HELP!! Post your ingredients, and see what others would do!! If responding please post a link to a recipe if you can or give a simple run down of how to! Lets help each other bring the family to the table!!

Gina Tennis
Jan 28, 2011


I have about a 10 pound bag of salmon i was thinking of trying to make patties, for the first time, or not sure of any other ideas for this

Susan Feliciano
Jan 24, 2011

Chicken-Broccoli Casserole

I buy broccoli and then forget to fix it! So I cut off the florets that haven't opened yet and use them in this chicken-broccoli casserole. By keeping canned soup and pasta in my pantry, and chicken in the freezer, this can be a go-to meal. Other vegetables work just as well as broccoli.

Well, I tried to link the recipe but something is going on- it won't bring up anything. I'll post it at the top.