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For those who think of our kitchens as inseparable from our gardens. Discuss garden planning for maximum yield, organic pest control, your favorite recipes for using up bumper crops, and so on.

Tina Bruce
May 13, 2014

bug control

Hello everyone, my name tina and I would like to know what is an all natural bug control spray to use.

deb baldwin
May 5, 2014

Info on copper rings for the garden.

Found this information on the internet..Now I know what happen to my green beans last year...slugs!
I hope I can find some copper out in the shed..

deb baldwin
Jun 6, 2013

New raised garden beds

My husband volunteered to build me 2 more raised beds so I said I wanted them as soon as possible..Then he had to get the dirt. He found topsoil mixed with mulch..We both took quite a few hours getting it and dumping it into the beds..He made them extra wide? but I did not complain. LOL
Got them planted and I have radishes poking up out of the dirt already. It is not fenced and I saw three deer out in the back after midnight. I wonder if I can afford a fence too?

Millie Johnson
Oct 12, 2012

What herbs did you grow this year ?

Did you dry any for winter use ?
Do you use them for cooking only or for medicinal purposes , too ?

glenda springer
Aug 6, 2012

need your help

I recieved a call this evening asking me to prepare food for our up coming church Women's Conference. There will be 110 in attendance and I want to prepare for 120. I really need ideas and help. The event is Sept. 29th
I am new to this site and am still learning how it works.
I appreciate all your ideas.
Glenda Springer

Millie Johnson
Aug 6, 2012

Who Saves Seeds?

Who is saving seeds for next year and what are they? Do you save flowers,veggies, or both? This year I'm saving Black Krim tomato and Contender greenbeans. I want to try to start growing only heirloom veggies so that I can collect and save the seeds. How do you save your seeds? O.K., I got the ball rolling....your turn! :)

Millie Johnson
Jul 2, 2012


New to group... I live in Alabama and like to use raised beds, square foot gardening, and keep it organic. I was an Al. Master Gardener for a few years when I was active in garden club. I am canning by myself for the 1st time this year and its going pretty good! Love riding horses ( we have 3 of the "compost" makers, LOL ) My husband and I live in the middle of 54 acres .We also have 2 cats,2 dogs, 1 bird, and a flock of chickens for fresh eggs.Also trying out grape vines and apple trees although the latter is not faring so well. Lookin foward to hearing about every ones gardenings and recipes ! :)

May 27, 2012

garden update

I haven't been on JAP in awhile. My garden my guys put in for me is doing well,I picked radishes and yellow zucchini last week,everything else is blooming,cucumbers are small.
I am working in the garden a little bit,mostly my husband is doing most of the work,but I love to water.