Pet Corner

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This is a group that is dedicated to exchanges for pet recipes and stories.

I've seen a couple of dog treat recipes on this site, so I'm hoping that folks can put them in one spot through this group to make finding the recipes easier!

And, of course, the group discussions would not be complete without people sharing stories about their furry or feathered friends!

Melissa Anderson
Dec 4, 2017

Pet Petitions

I signed lot of pet petitions on Facebook we need to be their voices!!! That why I not on here every day or go on at night or morning.

Colongo Colongo
Nov 3, 2017

Lion King

He looks so proud. I was on a few missions in Angola in the early 80's and saw many of these beautiful Lions. Thank God they didn't see me. LOL!!! have a great day y'all. Colongo And Crew

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Amy Herald
Oct 31, 2017

Jay's Got Milk

This is my cat Jay. Guess I should've put my cereal bowl in the sink.

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Colongo Colongo
Sep 13, 2017

I just Love ducks

Ducks need a Mommy too!! Y'all have a nice day Colongo and Crew

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Colongo Colongo
Sep 11, 2017

Riding out Irma

I'm not scared of this storm. I'm from the streets. Look what I do to edge my box behind me. I'm spoiled rotten!! Y'all have safe day . Colongo and Little Princess

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