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Heather Gray
Sep 7, 2011

Fried Rice from Last Nights Leftover Kabobs

I really try hard not to waste food, but I don't particularly like leftovers though either. So instead I have tried to 'reinvent' foods that are leftover.
Similar to the idea of keeping your veggies in the freezer for soup later, I took last nights kabob leftovers and made it into beef, yes beef, fried rice! I am very happy to say everyone was hungrily pleased with the result!
Our kabobs had onions, green peppers, mushrooms, beef and potatoes on them. These are most of what goes into a fried rice, so why not take the hint, right?! :)
I added one part beef stock to 2 parts of the water for my instant rice, to enhance the beef flavor. (used the rest of the can to soak the meat in to bring additional moisture)Chopped up some carrots and celery to fry in butter until tender. Added the leftover veggies that I cut up a little smaller, even the potatoes, to warm everything and flavors to blend. I then added the rice with soy sauce, and the meat. Add 2 scrambled eggs and some salt to taste and viola! Two meals from the ingredients of one!
Who else has tips on making two meals from the ingredients of one??

Melanie B
Aug 31, 2011

What to do with Leftover Veggies

This is a great way to clean out left over veggies. My neighbor lady keeps a container for little dabs of veggies (left over from dinner) in her freezer. When it gets full, she makes soup. Vegetable Beef Soup This recipe is inspired by her.

Melanie B
Aug 22, 2011

Freezer Queen

I got into the habit of cooking a bunch of stuff every other weekend (every week may be necessary for your family). I make batches of spaghetti sauce, pot pie filling, chicken Parmesan, all sorts of soups, taco meat, enchiladas, a variety of casseroles, meatloaf, etc...anything you can make and freeze. Then portion it out into serving sizes that fit your family's needs. Pull it out of the freezer in the morning, add a veggie or salad, and dinner is ready in 30 minutes or less.

I actually started doing this when there were just 2 of us at my house and we were on different schedules. I put meals into individual serving sizes, so my son could warm up a meal before he went off to class. I could also take a portion to work for lunch. I've told others that you just build up a rotation in the freezer. Make a double batch and freeze half. In a few weeks you'll have a lot ready in the freezer if you don't have a weekend to spend cooking.

I also make cookie dough and freeze it in a zipper bag. Make sure to write the cooking time & temp. When you get ready to bake them, bu the tip off the end of the zip bag and squeeze out your cookies. Fresh baked cookies if you can't eat a whole batch at one time.

Another plus, in the hot summer, you only spend one day heating up the house cooking and baking.