The Art of No-Hurry-Curry

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The hope here is that we can all exchange our Indian recipes!!! Curries are a labor of love and require patience. When you have a day off and are looking for a lovely meal that will tantalize your senses, satisfy your pallet, and even aid in your digestion, then Indian food is just the ticket.

We can exchange sources for the ingredients and helpful hints to make our curries easier or more delicious. Sometimes we just need a substitution for a very hard-to-find ingredient...hopefully this is the place for all of that and more!

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I've added two new recipes to the group! I love spinach, so rest assured, I love palak paneer :) Both are very easy to make, I hope that you enjoy them.

Jo Zimny
Feb 15, 2011

Curried Ketchup

I hope this can qualify as an Indian Dish. It's a take on ketchup with curry, which I prefer over plain's so tasty! I love curry and The Chef In You has a myriad of East Indian recipes. Here's a link: