Physically Challenged Cooks and Those that Love Them!

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A Special Group for Physically Challenged Cooks and those of You who love us!

Come share your help and ideas for making kitchen work more fun and easier for those cooks who are Handy Capable and Physically Challenged in the Kitchen.

All are welcome!

Donna Thiemann
Aug 11, 2016

Can Anyone Recommend Goid Disabled Supply Companies?

I use disabled supplies quite often and I'm looking for better bathroom AIDS and more. Can Anyone recommend their favorite safe company? Thanks in advance

Kay Day
Sep 4, 2013

Knee Replacement

I'm having a right knee replacement October 1. If any of you have had one or both knees replaced, I'd appreciate any tips you can give me. On September 11 I will attend a preop class where several of my questions will be answered. But I really want to hear from those of you who have had one or both knees replaced.

Nancy Stavanja
May 19, 2013

Cooking Bacon in the oven?

When I first joined Just a Pinch Recipe Club, Someone told me how to do this since I can't stand at the stove to cook.

If someone would be so kind as to post the directions again, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

BTW We have had such crazy weather. High 70's one day and rain and wind the next. Between my compressed discs in my back and the R.A. I make for a pretty cranky, achey person.

Miriam Bucholtz
Apr 13, 2013

An Old Expression

Reading the discussions here brings to mind the old saying about crying because I have no shoes until meeting someone who has no feet. I feel humbled in your presence. I have back problems, all right; One pain management N.P. diagnosed my spine as being a "hot mess". If something can deteriorate or degenerate, it is doing so enthusiastically. Yet, I can walk. It hurts like you know what and I use a cane, but I can walk. And here I am complaining about pain, incompetent doctors I have known, and how the co-pays are draining my pathetic checking account. And yes, I'm just as likely to walk around the room while I do so. And where do I get the chutzpah to feel deprived because the recliner that I do have is second-hand to begin with and I've been using it for about seven years now? It's comfortable, for crying out loud, and if it tries to fall apart, I have an entire toolbox to use on it. Which I can get up and go grab, once I pick myself up from my collapsed recliner.

Geez, Miriam, go get up and walk around and find your big-girl panties, already.

Theresa Kailany
Apr 11, 2013

Wheelchair Tips

Now that I am spending much more time in my wheelchair, I realize it really is not very comfy! The back of my legs, where the seat ends, start to burn and hurt after 20 minutes. I have tried various pillows and pads and they all get smashed down too much. Any tips and/or advice for me?

Straws Kitchen
Apr 10, 2013

True Story and Video of a Bentonville, AR connected Girl

I did not see the show so a close friend of mine that lives in Bentonville, Arkansas sent this clip to me.....I hope it will open for you. Brilynn is a great girl.

“How many saw Dancing With the Stars with Brilyn Rakes perform with Derek?

Brilyn's father, Mike Rakes graduated from Bentonville High School (1972?), and so did her grandfather and grandmother, Jerry and Betty Jo (Seen) Rakes.

She is gorgeous and has amazing talent. Video reveals another fact about Brilynn that will stun you. Enjoy!”

AT&T Spotlight Performance - Brilynn Rakes
Thought you’d like to see when you have a chance.


Susan Austin
Feb 26, 2013

My Paraplegic Daughter, Megan

My daughter is going to represent the United States at the 11th Disabled Water Ski World Championships, and she really needs help to get there. Please check out her website: the, and she can teach you how to cook too!
Thank you so much! Susan Austin

Theresa Kailany
Feb 25, 2013

Finally went out of the house......

Over to Lazy Boy and bought a PowerLift type recliner and my husband talked me into getting the massage and heat option. I have to sleep on a recliner because of back pain and COPD issues. The new chair arrived on Friday and my back has not adjusted to it as yet-but hopefully, it will soon. Needs to be broken in, I guess. The lift part I love, no more painfull struggle to get out of the chair. I do like the massge part, but I could of lived without it.