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Bonnie ^O^
Sunday at 11:27 AM

Howdy, All!

How is everyone doing? We are fine for a change. Looks like a gorgeous day out there.

No cooking today, just chilling out and then grabbing a takeout dinner from the local Mexican restaurant.
They make everything from scratch, and their enchiladas are delicious.

What are you doing, today?

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Andy Anderson !
20 Hours Ago


The United States of America was named after Amerigo Vespucci... Deriving its name from Americus, the Latin version of Vespucci's first name.

Are you not happy that they decided not to use his last name...

"God Bless Vespucci Land" does not have the same ring to it.

Maggie ^O^
23 Hours Ago

This Color Test Will Reveal Your Inner Essence

Have you even wondered just exactly what is your inner essence?

Let's find out !

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Melanie B
Friday at 1:17 PM

Beef Roast Ideas

So... next month I have family coming for a few days, then we will go to the beach. I bought a large beef roast (about 5 pounds). I am looking for ideas besides just a traditional pot roast. 2 of them don't eat spicy AT ALL, so that makes it a bit more difficult for me. Other than that, no one is really a picky eater.

HELP me with some ideas that are easy or can even be made ahead and frozen.