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Andy Anderson !
Yesterday at 6:39 PM

My two cents...

I just want to say how grateful I am for groups like this one...

Wonderful people with no agendas; other than to share recipes and fellowship.

I am glad that I am here... (((HUGS)))

Bonnie ^O^
Yesterday at 11:12 AM

Good morning!

How is Everyone? We are doing fine.

They have finished all the inspections. Now we are waiting on the reports. Pest inspection came back clean. The owner of the house is almost packed. How in the world did she do that so fast? She is by herself, too! We are in awe. The estimated closing date is now the 6th. Two days earlier that anticipated. Yea! We are ready for that!

The owner and I sat down and had a long chat, yesterday. She told me about the history of the house, and I was so glad to hear all the details. She has lived there and cared for the home 12 years as a widow since her husband passed away. Everything appears to be in excellent condition. Those Wolf appliances are virtually unused since she only uses the microwave. She doesn't cook! Her husband was the cook.

She is very active in her church, and she prayed for the right buyer to come along that would be good to her home. She opened up the home to many church retreats in the past. She told me that there was a log bench, more like a big chair in the middle of the woods. Her husband placed it there. People would walk there and sit and pray. I told her the bench would remain there.

I just love the feel of this property. So peaceful and serene. Like it is meant to be.

I hope your weekend is a good one. Bundle up and stay warm!


Maggie ^O^
Yesterday at 9:14 AM

Today Is National Popcorn Day !

How do you like your popcorn?

Cheese, sweet, caramel, salty ?

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Bonnie ^O^
Wednesday at 10:56 AM

Hello, Wednesday!

Wednesday just crowded Tuesday out of the picture. It's now the middle of the week and the countdown is on for the weekend. What have you got going on? I'm doing nothing, today. Just making sure that calf muscle stays relaxed. It's on the mend. No football for me!

Have a great day, everyone!

Maggie ^O^
Wednesday at 7:54 AM

How About A Fried TEQUICKLE !

Yeah ... apparently it's a thing !

I ran across this the other day and laughed ... but then people do like all sort of fried things so I went back to get this to share .. either for a laugh or an inspiration :)

Fried Tequickles!

Go here for the recipe

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