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Bonnie !
28 minutes ago


“A man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it's dark.” ~Zen Proverb.

Hello, Everyone! The weekend is almost here. What is everyone cooking?
Yesterday, I made French Onion Soup with toasted French bread and mozzarella,
provolone, and parmesan cheeses on top. So Good! We ate it for lunch and then,
we decided to eat the rest of it for dinner. I know it isn't the weather for soup, but
it was fantastic choice for us. I think I may make more soups for us, summer,
or not! Hope your day is awesome!

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Maggie M
21 minutes ago

Caramelized Onions

Really good with wonderful onion flavor !
Caramelized Onion Dip

Bonnie !
26 minutes ago


Caramelized onions are so good! Please post any recipe you have with caramelized onions.

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Joey Wolf
3 hours ago

Silicone Egg Poacher Cups

Son got some new kitchen utensils and these odd shaped little bowls were among the set. He asked me what they were and I had NO IDEA. Too thin and flimsy to be hot pads. He sent them home with me to try. I googled them and these came up. Now, IF you love poached eggs as much as me, and hate all that leftover residue in your pan or skillet, these are the BERRIES!!! I followed the directions online boiled them approximately 4 min and oh YUM!

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