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Bonnie ^O^
Yesterday at 5:59 AM

Hey, Y'all, It's Monday! ❤

I don't know about you, but I am READY for this new week!
Have a good one, Everyone!

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Maggie ^O^
Yesterday at 6:59 AM

Leaf Insects

Wow .. these are really cool.

When I first saw this little video I had no idea what I was looking at !

Nature is truly wonderful and very creative !

Joey Wolf
Sunday at 7:25 PM

Sunset on the farm......

this was today's effort, completely free hand, it's in my 2017 album, if you want to make it larger.

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Joey Wolf
Sunday at 12:49 PM

gazpacho anyone?

I've made a big batch of gazpacho, from the tomatoes i froze last year.........Ron of course does not like it. sigh i will share it with my friend Rhonda. I will have it for supper tonight, with some fresh cantalope, garlic toast and the leftover turkey we had yesterday. i may have it for lunch with some of those tasty Town House Tuscan Cheese Focacica do you pronounce that in polite company?......they are also a huge fave of Scooters, he does LOVE parmesan cheese. lol If you have a doggy, that is a picky eater, sprinkle a little parm on his food!

Bonnie ^O^
Sunday at 10:35 AM

It's Time! ❤Your Chocolate Preferences Will Determine How Many Kids You’ll Have.

I got: You’ll have a ton of furry babies!
You’re going to fill your home with adorable furry babies! You’re just too busy right now for kids and that’s OK! It means you get to eat all the chocolate. Muahaha!

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