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Bonnie ^O^ .
22 Hours Ago

Let's Get This Week Started!

Good morning!
Bill has been setting up his new work area. He got in on the Father's Day sales and bought a really nice tool case and a new workbench. We also bought him a nice cushiony mat to make it easier on his feet and legs as he stands in front of the bench. He does have a high stool, if he needs it. However, if I know him, it will just be in his way. So, things are slowly getting organized. He is getting ready to start hanging tools and painting the lockers.

Me? I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork.

Hope your week is starting off with a bang!

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Maggie ^O^
15 Minutes Ago

Happy Tears

There are so many creative ways people are doing this these days .. I love this one and the reaction is priceless !

Straws Kitchen
12 Hours Ago

Granddaughter Sarah

This is a picture of my Granddaughter Sarah..........she is 7 yrs old.
She wants to be on Food Networks Kids baking/cooking Championship when she turns 10.
This week Sarah is at kids culinary chef academy camp, June 2019.

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David Henson
13 Hours Ago


im looking for a recipe for leftover mashed potatoe cakes with onion in em friedmy gma used to make em cant remember it i know it had eggs and flour can anyone help me

Sherry Blizzard
16 Hours Ago

Can't post a recipe! Argh!!!

I can't add ingredients...then when describing the recipe, it says I have not completed the form. Really frustrating. Saving the draft....

Bonnie ^O^ .
Sunday at 12:11 PM

Have a wonderful Sunday, Everyone!

Today is the day that we may ask, "What is a father"?
The term “fathering” means to treat with protective care. It means being involved, behaving responsibly, being emotionally engaged, physically available, providing financial support, and having influence in child raising decisions.

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