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We all know how important it is to eat our vegetables. But how often do we make a delicious main dish, only to think: What can I serve with this? I often see references to "Serve with a lightly steamed vegetable..." but sometimes I'm out of ideas for a tasty vegetable to go with my meal. So use this group to share some of your tastiest vegetable recipes. New, old, tried and true - whatever! I look forward to seeing your good veggie suggestions. Please limit posts to recipes containing vegetables and fruits.

Heidi Hoerman
Feb 1, 2017

Easy oven red cabbage

Rather than watch red cabbage on top of the stove, I've been cooking it in the oven lately with lots of success.

Toss chopped red cabbage, chopped shallot or onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper in a pyrex baking dish.

Bake at 400F for one hour, tossing ever 20 minutes to cook evenly and keep all pieces moist. Optionally, add fresh thyme leaves, chopped rosemary, a pinch of ground cloves, or caraway seeds to add extra flavor.

Some pieces may look overcooked. They are still delicious if moistened by stirring the ingredients.

You can add 1-inch cubes of peeled beets or sweet potatoes to this mixture BUT
--beets take longer; give them a head start by partially cooking them in the microwave or boiling water
--sweet potatoes take less time; toss them in after the first 20 minutes of cooking.

J. White Harris
Jan 31, 2017

Bok Choi for Dinner Tonight

This is a Chinese recipe that will go with about any type of meal. One of my favorite vegetables.
J's Bok Choi

J. White Harris
Jan 23, 2017

Potato and Winter Squash Mash

This is a new vegetable side dish that we are having tonight.

Susan Feliciano
Aug 19, 2016

I think I'll teach my grandson how to make these

How to get kids to eat vegetables? Let them cook something themselves!
When my girls were young, we let them cook their own foods, properly supervised, of course.
They would almost always eat what they cooked.
With zucchini in abundance this time of year, I think I will teach little Judah how to make these pancakes.
Creamy Zucchini Pancakes

Susan Feliciano
Jul 11, 2016


I’m still here, and still cooking, but things just keep happening that tend to keep me off my computer.
Still having a hard time dealing with my niece’s sudden death (no answers from the autopsy yet).
Also, her mother, my sister Nancy, had a double mastectomy last week and I have been with her. They send them home too early – she has 4 drains that require nursing care. I don’t know what some people do who aren’t as smart as she is! She has to empty the drains several times a day and record the amount of drainage from each one separately. It will be next week before she gets 2 of them out, and the week after before they are all out.
And of course, tonight I am up late, eating a very late dinner because there wasn’t time for me to do so at work. I am really fed up with my team leader and work situation – seems like I get handed the brunt of all the tough cases over and over again. Even the day shift team lead has mentioned that she doesn’t think the assignments are fair. So I have to sit up late after eating – just so I don’t get indigestion from lying down on a full stomach.
But I have GREAT NEWS on the horizon! I have found a new job. I start July 25. I will be a post-partum, labor & delivery nurse at another facility in Knoxville. I will only have to work 3 shifts per week – 12 hour shifts, but just think of the time off. I’m hoping to use the extra time to get my Masters. And of course, to go see little Judah and his new baby brother who is due in August.
Sorry to post this in so many groups, I just wanted everyone to know I’m still around and occasionally read all your posts. Great news that Zelda has been found. Please let me know of anything else earth-shattering I have missed over the last few weeks.

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