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Wheat free cooking group for people with Celiac decease and wheat allergies

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 11, 2015

Wheat Free?

I love bread, I love pizza, pasta and almost anything that contains wheat. However, there a good number of people I work with who have gone gluten free and tell me how much better they feel. They have been wheat free for a year, several years and more. I am reading the book Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD and a lot of what he has to say makes perfectly good sense. I know this would require a huge mindshift on myself and family. Is anyone out there gluten or wheat free? How has it impacted your life? How do you deal with curve balls like potlucks and family dinners? My life has always revolved around cooking. How hard has it been to maintain this lifestyle? What recommendations would you make other than, "Get rid of everything that contains wheat in your house...i.e. all pastas, all bread, crackers, tortillas, even some salad dressings, cake mixes, croutons, bread crumbs and I can't even begin to name more.

I did this crazy thing 15 years ago and decided the way to go was Fat Free. Of course I followed the teachings of Susan Powder (remember the weird exercise guru with the blond flat top haircut that wrote that funny book dissing her ex)? I went through every shelf and cupboard in my house and disposed of everything that contained fat of any kind. I lived for a few years without fat and substituted fats with apple sauce, butter buds, olive oil was ok to keep and etc. I maintained a healthy weight, exercised regularly and then Atkins and South Beach came along and I allowed fat to come back into my diet.

Sorry for the long rant here....the point is, I a driven by fads. I know it! I want to hop on the newest bus and take it for a ride and when something else grabs my fancy, I abandon the bus and hop on the newer and, what I think to be improved bus.

With that said, I do have immediate family members who are critical diabetics. I see them grab for the snickers bar or the orange juice when their blood sugar soars through the roof. Yet I also know that the ADA recommends a diet high in Whole Grains and that Whole Grains are the WORST thing to put in your body to increase blood sugar levels. My family members truly believe that it is ok to have bread and butter with dinner, two slices of toast for breakfast or a sandwich made of two slices of bread. Heck, my mom even will eat cake or some other flour based yummy and willingly take an extra shot of insulin to adjust her blood sugar....blaming the problem on the sugar and not the wheat.

Weigh in your thoughts....all, both good and bad are welcome. The book say's that to be wheat free you must divorce yourself completely from any and all wheat and that you must replace that wheat with fresh fruits and vegetables such as kale, spinach, swiss chard, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes and etc. they leave off potatoes and say to limit oats. They also say to read the labels and do not ingest anything to do with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetners. The book says to stay away from snacky things like corn chips and etc....No DUH!!!

Earlier this week I RE-WATCHED the film, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and had committed myself to going on a 30 day fruit and veggie juice fast to de-tox my body. Then, while reading the book, it became fairly clear to me that ingesting more micronutrients like Kale, Spinach, Apples and etc...and less macronutrients like bread, pasta, meat and etc...went hand in hand and made sense. I can't and won't every entirely give up my meat and cheese. The book doesn't advise that either. What it does say is that wheat is evil in every form.

What do you think?

sharon flanagan
Mar 31, 2015

Easter Treat!

Hello everyone!
Just letting you know that if you love hot cross buns, I've just posted an amazing 'tried & true' recipe for them! These are the real deal ... great taste AND texture! I came across the recipe on pinterest, the original posting by
My husband (who won't touch GF food!) ate half of them! I'm starting a batch this evening (they do an over-nighter in the fridge) & can hardly wait to enjoy them tomorrow.

Anyone have any special Easter treat recipes? I have THREE dinners to prepare!

Catie B
Sep 16, 2013

I posted a GF adaptable old fashioned spice cake!

I added a recipe today. Depression Cake. It has no eggs, milk, dairy or soy. it can be made with coffee, water, or juice. It has fruit in it, with alternatives. And as an adaptable cake, will satisfy most requirements for those wanting to avoid the eight most common allergies. If you do not want to use nuts, use sunflower seeds, or others, etc.
Also, it is GF adaptable too. Vegan and Vegetarian.
Just a moist, old-fashioned spice cake. I hope you enjoy!

Catie B
Aug 21, 2013

Adapting recipes to be gluten free

I joined the gorup few weeks ago. I wanted to let those in the group know that I eat a wheat free diet as I am severly allergic to wheat, and wheat gluten. I can eat rye, barley, and wheat free oats, but find that the market is gluten free, so mostly, so am I! I make many things on my own as it is so expensive to purchase already baked goods.

I can tell you that EVERY recipe I post on JAP can be adapted (f it is not already GF) to a GF diet. I always include instructions at the bottom for GF.
I recently posted a recipe Catie's Island Tuna Salad that is make with Andean Dream's Quinoa Pasta. The rcipe and picture added was a GF recipe I created. Also, the recipe Easy Skillet Peach Cobbler is another gluten free recipe, and the picture shows the gluten free version, and instructions are added at the bottom of the recipe to adapt it.

I have taught cooking classes for years, after getting a certificate in nutrition, and found it helpful when I finally had to face my allergies, which I ignored for years. Raising a family, I couldn't really make two different meals everyday. I didn't see the effects of allergies on my body, but they do take their toll if ignored. So, now I have made it a mission to be able to eat GF and it better be good! I do hope you give my recipes a try . I would love the feedback on how they do in your household. I am on a quest to make GF more than just tolerable for survival! I want it to be great tasting for everyone.

I look forward to learning new ideas and recipes from others here in the group.
thanks so much,

Sabrina Nichols
Aug 14, 2013

Hi guys.. I'am needing a good GF sandwich bread recipe for my son.

School is getting ready to start and I am making all of my sons lunches and I am having so much trouble with every recipe I have tried. So I was thinking its my techniques. The different flours I have on hand are tapioca, garbanzo, cornstarch, sweet sorghum, white rice flour, and xanthan gum. Also reg yeast and bread machine yeast. I usually sub milk for almond milk. I use honey and eggs sometimes or sub eggs for ground flax seed and water. I do not have a bread machine or a paddle mixer.

I always end up with a very short, very dense loaf of bread thats kinda rubbery. I have let my bread rise in a warm oven with a pan of water before or on a countertop. I alway get the same results. I could really use some help I am getting so frustrated. This stuff is not cheep and I am just throwing my mistakes away.

Aug 8, 2013

new to group

Good morning all. I am looking for new recipes, idea and more.
I started eating gf some time ago with my son (he is autistic and has celiac) and have found that I feel so much better. I have health issues and have suffered from migraines for years and have found that gf eating has stopped or slowed down my migraines and IBS symptoms.
Looking forward to sharing with you all.

Linda Banschback
Jul 22, 2013

Gluten free

Hello everyone!!

My husband has celiacs I actually just sent a question on this site if there was a gluten free group. I found it!!

Tonite I am cooking gluten free fusilli
with lima beans & gluten free pasta sauce!!

Looking forward to meeting new people & discussing gluten free recipes!!!!!