Heartfelt Sayings From Just A Pinch Friends

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I found these (recipes)and decided to put them out for all my friends of just a pinch to enjoy.

annie Melton
Jan 1, 2011

Recipe For A Happy Home

Children and 1-bible for each
Generous portions of prayer
3-cups,firmly packed
1-portion forgiveness
1portion understanding
1-portion patience
1-pkg.playing together
1-cup kisses
1small paddle
Mix thoroughly and sprinkle with awareness.Bake in moderate oven of everyday
life,using as fuel all the grudges and past unpleasantness.Cook;turn out onto a platter of cheerfulness.Garnish with tears and laughter in large helpings.Serve God,country and community.

annie Melton
Dec 29, 2010

Recipe For Friendship

I found this in an old cook book of mine.I have no idea how old it is.
Recipe for friendship
4-cups love 5-spoon hope
4-cups loyalty 2-spoons tenderness
3-cups forgiveness 4-qt.faith
1-barrel laughter
take love and loyalty;mix it thoroughly with faith and blend it with tenderness,kindness and understanding.Add friendship and hope;sprinkle abundantly with laughter.Bake it with sunshine.Serve Daily with generous helpings.