JAP Prayer Chain

Hosted by Dana Ramsey
Group active since Mon, Dec 20, 2010

After reading some of the comments on other discussion groups I thought it would be a great idea to have a group dedicated to a prayer chain. This group would be an outlet for those in need of support, love and prayers during difficult times in their lives. This way they can come to one place, and other members will have their names and be able to add them to their prayer list. In these troubling and difficult times that we are all facing I think it is needed.

sallye bates
10 Hours Ago

Daily Word - Comfort

I bring comfort to friends, family, and all humanity.
The dictionary defines comfort as “a feeling of freedom from worry or disappointment.” However, true comfort cannot be found through external means. That inner feeling of freedom that expresses itself outwardly through peace of mind only comes from being fully aligned with the power of Spirit.
I feel and radiate that feeling in the face of every challenge—in my life and in the lives of others as well. It is an essential part of my spiritual purpose. Making choices from a centered sense of comfort is an essential part of my spiritual practice. I maintain that feeling of peace in my interactions with others, allowing it to radiate throughout the world.
Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff—they comfort me.—Psalm 23:4

Eddie Jordan
12 Hours Ago

His Character, His Forgiveness, And His Comfort

The bible helps us see ourselves as we really are, and also helps us see how much God loves us

God holds the key to heaven, but our faith opens the door

sallye bates
Yesterday at 9:58 AM

Daily Word - Miracles

I witness miracles every day.
When I think of miracles, biblical stories may come to mind: Daniel in the lion’s den, Jesus healing the sick and the blind and lame, and more.
Such miracles may seem like impossibilities to me in today’s world. Yet when I view a sunrise or the intricate beauty of a flower in full bloom, I realize the miracle of nature. When I observe the love shared between a mother and child, or even between people and their pets, I witness the miraculous.
When the grace of God yields divine ideas in the midst of difficult circumstances, I get to experience the miraculous. When I consider the complexity of the human body, every breath is a wonder. Miracles aren’t far off, after all.
God added his testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit.—Hebrews 2:4

Eddie Jordan
Yesterday at 6:52 AM

Kindness And Cpomassion, Reaching Out With Words Of Encouragement

Lord, use me today to bring someone hope, a lighter burden, encouragement.

Compassion is understanding the troubles of others and reaching out,

sallye bates
Friday at 8:48 AM

Daily Word - Divine Principles

Divine principles are always at work in my life.
Divine principles are active in my life and in the lives of all people. They are unchangeable. For example, what I focus on brings greater energy and results in my life. That is a divine principle. When my attention is on worries or concerns, I find plenty to worry about. Conversely, when I contemplate all the ways I am truly blessed—by my relationships, my God-given talents and skills, my opportunities and my experiences—I benefit in ways I may not even imagine.
So I choose to focus on the positive, and I release the urge to give any attention to that which is not fully supporting me. Rather than complaining, I look for and find reasons to be filled with joy, light, love, and purpose. Divine principles are always at work in my life.
I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts.—Jeremiah 31:33

Eddie Jordan
Friday at 8:13 AM

The Creator Has Been With Us All Along

Father in heaven, we've spent too much time thinking only about what is wrong and broken with our world.
Please help us to see evidence of Your presence in the wonder of what only You could have done.

In the faces of nature there are wonders that never cease.

sallye bates
Thursday at 10:03 AM

Daily Word - Right Now

Right now is the time frame in which I live.
The past is behind me; the future is ahead. So my focus is best served by living in the now—moment by moment, hour by hour.
Awakened to my own divine nature, I give my attention to family and loved ones. Why put off until tomorrow the joy that today offers? Now is the time to be creative. Now is the time to explore and discover what I can do with talents and abilities. Now is the time to use the divine power of my imagination.
Living in the now does not constrict me. Rather, it is a time of growth and understanding that is available to me in the present. Right now is the time frame in which I live.
But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such as these to worship him.—John 4:23

Eddie Jordan
Thursday at 7:48 AM

Guideing The Humble, Teaches Them His Way

Thank You, Lord, that You remember us according to Your love.
Instruct me and guide me.
Teach us to live as those who have been forgiven much.

Jesus takes us as we are and makes us what we should be.