True Confessions....

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No, we don't want to hear about all your secrets. ha! I thought this would be a fun group for talking about your worst kitchen disasters. I've heard some doozies over the years, and I'd guess we've all had them. Care to share?

Jan W
Jan 8, 2012

Stupid People Tricks...:)

Well, Terrie wants us to tell our deepest kitchen secrets and I was relating this to someone on another group so figured I'd copy that & put it here as well...

Many moons ago, when living at home, I was making zucchini bread...using the blender back then to chop it up...well, a chunk got stuck & I stuck a wooden spoon down through the hole in the top to dislodge it...but forgot to turn the blender off first! omg, my neighbor was sitting there talking to me & she just about died laughing...terrible noise, pulled out the spoon & there was barely any of the spoon part...I just blended it a little more, making sure no splinters remained & went ahead with the recipe...never told anyone what happened & I threatened her with bodily injury if she, it didn't hurt anyone, couldn't find any evidence of that wood! So we ate it, survived and got a little extra fiber! I never did that dumb trick again...I've learned to be more careful...well, except with the knife!!!

Knife incident Fri night past...was chopping green peppers for my Stuffed Pepper Soup (was making it at midnight!)...had just sharpened my big ol' santoku knife...welllll, you know how you're supposed to hold something you're chopping by using tips of finger as it's bent...I was doing that, but got my left middle finger too close to the end & chopped off part of my, no blood, no major damage...I did manage to retrieve the nail piece so it didn't go in the soup...duh, I don't usually do that kind of stuff but guess I just wastn't paying close enough attention!! ♥

Terrie Hoelscher
Dec 22, 2011

Merry Christmas, to my True Confessions group!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful, happy, bright and cheerful MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's wonderful hearing your funny kitchen anecdotes, snafus, mix-ups, etc. Keep 'em coming!
I wish you all the very best in 2012 ... hopefully nothing too bad in the kitchen. ha! But we do want to read about all the excitement taking place in your kitchen over these holidays!
MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friends .. and a successful and health-filled new year!

Beverly Harris
Dec 6, 2011

First meal for a date.

Years ago I started dating a man I had known a long time. He was a widow and his daughter went to school with my daughter. The first meal I decided to make him was " Shrimp Stroganoff" When I went to put the dash Of cayanne pepper of the shrimp the lid was loose and about a 1/4 of the bottle was poured on the shrimp. I rinsed and rinsed it some more, but as we were eating it our lips were burning. Bob looked at me and smiled and said oh I have some hot lips tonight. We couldn't stop laughing.

Cathy Paul
Nov 14, 2011

Thanksgiving blunders

Hi All:
I just posted this on another group, and was asked to post it here. Hope it brings you a chuckle - I title it "The best Thanksgiving blunder".
I can remember my grandmother dropping the beautifully roasted turkey on the floor (it slid off of the platter), my grandfather was right behind her, did not have time to react, and basically punt-kicked that poor bird clear across the linoleum kitchen floor. The adults were horrified, we 9 kids just busted out laughing.

Sandy Griffith
Jul 16, 2011

Hi Terrie

Hi, I stopped by...and left a lesson learned in making reading what others share here!

Sandy Griffith
Jul 16, 2011

My First Biscuits

I was fairly a newly wed many years ago....and I wanted to make biscuits to impress my new husband. So, I made a trip to grandma's house and asked her to teach me.

Went home and did just as she did....they looked so pretty and so brown. But my biscuits didn't seem to be as tall as hers. Removed them from the oven which was near the sink....dropped a biscuit in the dish water and it floated! Oh no...I knew something was wrong. Picked up a biscuit and it was hard as a husband started laughing. I went to crying....ran to the phone and called grandma and asked her what did I do wrong? Come to find out she forgot to tell me you use self-rising flour. By the time I went to find my husband....him and his brother were outside with all the biscuits throwing them to see how hard they could hit the dirt with them....I busted out laughing....I made bricks instead of biscuits!

Well as I said that was many years husband then is now my ex! And as far as biscuits go....I pop open a can every time now and have perfect biscuits!

Karla Everett
Jul 8, 2011

Canning Pickles

Hi Terrie , When my sister and I first started canning with out the help from our mother (30 yrs. ago) , we used regular table salt for our pickles instead of canning salt ...boy were they salty and we had to throw it all away!! Very expensive lesson to learn from but we have Never made that mistake again !!! :D

Craig Clark
Jul 8, 2011

keeping secrets...

when my sisters ask me how to make something I make all the time because the love it, I perpously leave out a couple of things so it doesn't come out right. The can't figure out why they can't make it the same way I do, I just shrug my sholders and say "I don't know, what did you do wrong" shhhh! hehehe