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carol gilmore
Nov 23, 2011

Cake flour

I want to make the Elvis pound cake I don't have any cake flour what can I do? HelP ASAP

annie Melton
Dec 26, 2010

The well-stocked pantry

All-purpose-can be used for all types of baked products.
self-rising-Can be substituted for all purpose in some recipes,but baking powder,soda and salt must be omitted.
Used for delicate cakes.
Whole Wheat,rye
used mainly in combination with all-purpose flour.
Fats and Oils:
Shortening- used for pastries,some cakes and cookies.
Lard-excellent for making pastry.
Butter or margarine:Lend flavor,tenderness.
Oils: Should be used only in recipes that call for oil.
Granulated sugar-basic sweetener
Powdered sugar-finely crushed sugar.
Brown sugar-less refined sugar
Honey-Sweeter than sugar;liquid.
Syrups-include corn,cane,maple,molasses.
Baking Soda-Reacts when liquid is added.
Baking powder(double acting)-Reacts when
liquid is added and heat is also applied.
A microscopic plant that grows in warm,
moist doughs.
Dairy Products:
Whole milk-contains at least 3.25 percent
Low-fat-milk:-has 0.5 or 2 percent fat.
Skim milk-less than 0.5 percent fat
Nonfat dry milk-milk with both fat and
water removed.
Evaporated milk-Milk with 60 percent of
water removed.
Sweetened condensed milk-Half the water is
removed;has sugar.
Buttermilk-Liquid left after butter making.
Yogurt-Make by fermenting milk
Whipping Cream-Contains 30-40 percent fat.
Light cream-Contains 10-30 percent fat.

annie Melton
Dec 17, 2010

Tips from everywhere by everyday people

Cheese storage
With the high price of cheese,there is a way to avoid mold for long periods of time.When I buy block cheese.I bring it home and immediately cut it up into smaller pieces.The I double-wrap the smaller pieces in paper towel so the moisture
buildup is quickly wicked away from the cheese.I place it into resealable plastic bags taking out as much air as possible before sealing.Every time the cheese is taken out,i simply put on new paper-towel wraps and put it back into the same plastic sandwich bag.

annie Melton
Dec 16, 2010


Biscuit Mix
8-cups all-purpose flour
1/2-cup baking powder
1-cup shortening
Mix all dry ingredients together using a pastry
blender,cut in the shortening until the mixture resembles coarse meal.Store in well sealed container in the pantry or fridge.To make biscuits 1/2-cup milk for each cup of mix.Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes.