WLS Survivors

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This group is for those of us who are foodies but have had Weight Loss Surgery and have special diets. Please feel free to add , save and please Join in. We may not be able to eat much but those bites we do eat should be the best bites we have EVER tasted ;)

Pam Moore
Jul 28, 2013


Hi everyone, I had my RnY surgery 12 years ago, and up until we moved I kept my weight off. I have in the past 5 years gained about 40 lbs. UGH!!! I am hoping to get that off with great health recipes in here. I look forward to talking with you all.

Have a wonderful day!

Amie Lynch
Dec 23, 2012


I had RnY surgery April 3 and at one point was not eating enough which slowed my metabolism so I havent lost as much as I should have, I am now on track and hope its ok to post some of the recipes I have been eating. I have to keep a food journal so any recipe would include nutrition info and be under a cup and a half in portion size (almost all at 1c) was going to join a couple of the other groups like this one but they had stuff that I know we are NOT suppose to be eating on them...oh and on day of surgery was 420 and am now at 350

Kelly Lyngstad
Dec 14, 2010

Considering lapband

I am seriously considering lap-band surgery. Can anyone tell me what to expect, pros and cons, and maybe information you wish you had before weight loss surgery. Thanks for any help

Gayle Rice
Dec 11, 2010

Good morning!

I have added a couple recipe from the Shakology drink I use. It is somewhat pricey for some, but if you were like me and hit the local fast food drive through once a day or Starbucks, then the price shouldn't be an issue. I have drink one shake a day for a year, with out any vitamins, except my monthly B-12 injecting, and my blood work is great. shakeology.com/nanagayle