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Sheila Nakata
Jul 8, 2017

Good Morning

Hi everyone!

I am new to discussion groups and this one really caught my eye! All of your comments are sweet, positive and helpful...Love that. I am excited to see what is to come. I also wanted to share a part of myself with this blueberry coffee cake recipe...Enjoy! Blueberry Coffee Cake

Jane Hughes
Jun 20, 2017

RIP Flo Braker, a great baker

David Lebovitz posted a tribute to Flo on Facebook and republished Flo Braker’s Pain d’amande cookie recipe in his blog. I thought some of you bakers who knew Flo or followed her would want to read this.

I posted this recipe on JAP shortly after I joined. Flo was one of my favorite bakers and this is my favorite cookie.

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David Lebovitz
June 17 at 7:23am

I used to say: When they start cloning people, they should start with Flo Braker. Flo was the author of several pivotal books on baking, her most important was The Simple Art of Perfect Baking, where she shared her precise, but not fussy, methods of baking. She was enormously influential to me and other bakers, especially in the Bay Area, where we met when I worked at Chez Panisse. This well-put-together woman walked into the kitchen to help us bake for a major benefit dinner that we were preparing for a thousand or so people. With her perfectly manicured nails, well-coifed hair, and picture-perfect makeup, she rolled up her sleeves and pitched right in. We became instant friends.

Over the years I got to know her very well, as did many others in the food and baking community, not just in San Francisco, but across America. And she even had a fan in France. When she went to Ecole Lenôtre, the famed pastry school near Paris, the great pastry chef Gaston Lenôtre came into the class she was attending, and made his way through the other students to warmly greet her to his school. (She told me that the other students must’ve thought at first that she was “a doctor’s wife” who was there to take classes as a hobby.)

I can confidently say Flo Braker was the nicest person I ever met. I want to say that she become like a second mother to me, and so many others knew her and felt so close to her, that I know I am not alone. But she has two terrific children who deservedly shouldn’t have to share that honor. Not to mention her husband, Dave, who was the perfect complement to her.

Flo passed away this week due to complications from surgery after a fall and it has taken me a few days to process it. I didn’t know what to say until I saw this article. I hadn’t seen Flo in nearly ten years but was thinking about her lately. She lived in Palo Alto and during my rushed trips to San Francisco, I never seemed to have the time to make it down there. Then I heard she was gone. This is a look at her kitchen, which is a spot-on reflection of Flo Braker, more than words can say. It’s perfect, just like she was.

The Well-Conceived Details of a Baker’s Kitchen - FineCooking

JoSele Swopes
May 1, 2017

is anyone home

I have an Flat Apple Pie apple pie recipe that is alone mine..I use a recipe for the crust that I make...I always feel my grandma by my side when I mom says it is just like hers

John Crawford
Nov 19, 2016

using a cake mix in a recipe

Hi maybe someone can help,
Was just wondering, I've seen recipes that include adding a boxed cake mix but the recipe that I am making also has eggs listed along with other ingredients. Do u normally make the recipe using the ingredients that's listed on the cake box in addition to the ingredients that the recipe calls for?
Thank you.

Sea Sun
Aug 8, 2016

Types of apples for pies

Hi all,

What varieties of apples do you prefer using when making apple pies? Do you like to use one variety or a combination?


Linda Mericle
Jun 20, 2015

What to call it?

I have a hybrid cake in the oven. I didn't have enough carrots for carrot cake and not enough bananas for hummingbird cake. So I morphed them into a pineapple-banana-carrot-pecan-coconut cake. A humming carrot cake? Or a carrot bird cake? Or just a hum-dinger cake? Any suggestions?

Stephanie Dodd
Jun 8, 2015

Need to be more specific

When asking what to use, It is to inject the filling in the batter.