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This is a site to share sources for unusual or inexpensive foodie stuff. The picture was taken at the Mustard Museum which sells several hundred different mustards online.

It can also be used share tales of shopping woe.

Esther Hardman
Oct 23, 2011

Spice Sage

Thank you Heidi! Got my order from Spice Sage Friday and for one, I am very surprised how quick it was, 5 days from the Bronx to Utah. Amazing. Love the spices and the 2 free gifts. Believe it or not I have never used whole nutmeg before (just the powder) and yesterday I made a carrot cake for my son's birthday, and using a microplane, needed ½ tsp. of nutmeg and what a difference fresh makes. So much better. What a terrific find. Has anything ever happened that you think is wayyyyy cool and you have no one tell. Thanks to JAP I have someone to tell. If I was going to talk about jets or hunting then I would have something to say at work. Oh well.

Heidi Hoerman
Jan 4, 2011

Free Saffron

My Spice Sage ( is giving away a gram of saffron ($11 worth) with every order as long as supplies last. I've ordered lots of stuff from them and have always been satisfied.

Bonnie ^O^
Dec 13, 2010


I love my new chopper. It is called Vidalia Chop Wizard--one sweep of your arm on the lid, and it chops perfect dices, small or large ones, depending on which blade plate you use. It chops all kinds of things. I have used it on eggs, veggies, cooked meat. It is perfect for chopping veggies for stews and salsas, and all at lightening speed. Easy to work, just half that onion, set it on the cutting plate, and close the lid and chop, and it dices the onion perfectly! Not even a 5-star chef can chop that fast! The diced veggies go into the clear container that has measures on the side and you can see how much onion you have diced, up to 3 cups. Since it is covered, there are no tears. I got mine at bed, bath and beyond for $19.95 and it is worth more than that to me! All parts go right in the dishwasher. The perfect gift, too! I know, I got it from my honey!

Bonnie ^O^
Dec 13, 2010


I am excited about this group! Is your group just for foodie stuff or does it extend to say food choppers or kitchen appliances that we think are good, etc. (I don't want to post incorrectly) When JAP gets back up and running again, more people will be coming in to join in the fun!

Debra Riermaier
Dec 13, 2010

The Spice House Great place for online ordering

The Spice House in Illinois and Wisc. is owned by the sister of Penzys. You can order as little as 1 ounce of a spice which is great if there is something you need for a recipe but don't need to keep a lot on hand. Find them at

Heidi Hoerman
Dec 10, 2010

Flours from My Spice Sage

Even though we have lots of different grocery chains here I couldn't find a reliable source for rye flour. Barry Farms in Ohio has a good variety of flours including things like graham flour.
Lately, though, I've been using My Spice Sage Their rye and pumpernickel flours are really good and so is their customer service. I now am buying semolina flour from them which works out to be cheaper than what I would pay for it at the grocery. They have free shipping on orders over $40, usually have a freebie or two, and lots of spices that are only $1.50 an ounce. A recent freebie from them was 8, that's right EIGHT, vanilla beans! Among other things, I've been grinding up short pieces with my coffee beans. That's what vanilla coffee should really taste like. LOL

Heidi Hoerman
Dec 9, 2010

The Mustard Museum

I love the Mustard Museum. Bill eats mustard every day on his sandwich and I often cook with it. We've been ordering our mustard from the Mustard Museum for two or three years now.

They have hundreds of different varieties. And mustard keeps well. We order six or eight different mustards at a time about 3 times a year much to the amusement of our UPS delivery guy.

Their website is