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lookin for recipes that are kid friendly.....stuff they caan make wanna make my 9 yr old niece a recipe fill box for x-mas

Dee Stillwell
Jan 23, 2011

roasted bean snack

I saw Rachel Ray making roasted garbanzo beans last year and tried them..OMG these r great and fairly low in carb, fat and high in fiber. I made some blackeyed peas with the recipe posted below for New Years and they were awesome. The change I made was to sprinkle with a lil' olive oil sprinkled on seasoning and just a bit of brown sugar(could use Splenda I guess or omit it) and roasted them
@ 350 deg instead of frying them. Stir aft 20 min and watch carefully so they don't burn. Roast time was 40 min. Depending on bean size how long they have to roast. I can see endless possibilities and flavors. Soy beans are very low carb and would be great.
Blackeyed Squeaks

sharon cowles
Dec 20, 2010

Cookie Pops on a Stick

My grandies like Cookie pops.. I buy the suckers at Dollar General.. there the ones that are usually hanging on the shelf in a long roll.. just plain suckers... take a Cookie dough the kind in the refrigerator section , slice as directed then have the kids press a sucker into the center round of cookie and then bake.. they get the sugar cookie and when they are finished with the cookie they will have a sucker to eat

sharon cowles
Dec 18, 2010

Frozen Banana Pops... we call em zebra's

This one goes over well ... slightly ripend bananas... not overly ripe ...but with a few brown spots... these will be sweeter.. and when its a frozen dessert with chocolate .. kiddos tend to over look the brown spots... LOL...with my grandies I lay 8 bananas to a cookie sheet with waxpaper... pop the end with popsicle stick.. throw in the freezer for about 3 hours.. melt some almond bark.. with a double broiler..dark or white.... my grandies like both.. so we dip and drizzle with both.. the grandies like to drizzle white bark on top of chocolate.. and chocolate drizzled on white bark... we call em zebra's .. have no idea where it came from ...sprinkle with nuts.. ummm I tell em we don't have any (Grandma's saving them for her self)..LOL.. but I always have sprinkles on hand and let them decorate quickly before the bark gets to hard .. and I do mean quick.. that bark get hard quick.. this is perfect for winter or summer treat

sharon cowles
Dec 6, 2010

No Cook Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments for Little One

I have 10 grandies, and this is a simple one for the toddlers . Buy a couple boxes of those little Debbie ginger bread cookies...
set the little ones around the table with
ribbon or string
cinnamaon redhots.
sprinkles etc...
and different colors of power sugar icing
paint brushes
unwrap the gingerbreads

I poke a hole with shishkabob stick or knitting needle what ever is hand thru the top of head for the ribbon to hang

the cookies are somewhat soft ..Bake the cookies at 200 degrees for about 2-3 hours to harden up...
Take em all into the family room and put on a Chrismas video.. maybe let a few take a nap..LOL
then have the little ones decorate and hang on the tree..

NO FUSS NO MUSS.. and they are so proud of thier ornaments..

Diane Eldridge
Dec 6, 2010

kid friendly cookbook

i wanna start a cookbook that is for kids say from bout 6-8 yrs old and up...any ideas.since i have no kids jus nieces and nephews...wanna mame te cokbook for an 8 yr ld... she loves makin no bake cookies...want healthy foods she can make