For those Ladies out there who own their own Homebased Bakery or want to own one

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Welcome Ladies. This is your Go to place to get tips info and ideas for your home based bakery business, ideas tips and info include new recipe ideas, office organization & helpful places to go to for getting your business license, Employer Identification number any all the other important documents you need to have when starting your new business. Established owners and owners to be are welcomed here. Again this is your go to place to get your questions answered. I'd really appreciate it seasoned business owners would give some input as well. I started this group to help myself as well as anyone else who is a beginner at becoming a home based bakery owner like I am trying to do. Feel free to let me know if there are any interested takers who's be willing to take over this group as new owner.

Sea Sun
Jan 1, 2017


I noticed the last post in this group was awhile ago. Just wanted to check in and say hello and see how everyone is doing. :-)

Sea Sun
Jan 1, 2017


I noticed the last post in this group was awhile ago. Just wanted to check in and say hello and see how everyone is doing. :-)

virginia parrish
Oct 7, 2014

convection or regular oven

Which oven is best to use or does it matter pros con?

Maureen Zane
Jul 4, 2012

I own a home based gourmet pizzelle business

Hello to all,

I started a home based gourmet flavored pizzelle business about 5 months ago and am enjoying it very much. I do mostly in my area as I don't ship my product. People love that these are so different from the traditional pizzelles we all are familiar with. I have over 50 flavors, all of which get the edges coated in heavenly flavors and topped with added flavored treats. My most popular is English Toffee Pizzelle, where I flavor the pizzelle with english toffee flavor, add some english toffee bits, bake them and then coat the edges in chocolate then roll them in english toffee bits.
I offer over 50 flavors and each one is its own unique creation. The only thing is they are extremely time consuming. But it seems to be taking off and I have had many repeat customers. I also offer mini cupcakes in all the flavors I offer in my pizzelle line.
I am so glad I found this site. God Bless!

shervanique thomas
Jun 21, 2012

Love to Bake

I recently started a home catering cupcake business, I really enjoy doing it, and I have a few loyal customers. Nice to have a group where we can share tips!

Jean Alphin
Apr 15, 2012

I'm a Newbie!

I make chocolate candy. I want to know if anyone sells food on line. I would like to try and sell homemade chocolate candy on line. Has any one done this?

Heather Hawkins
Jan 25, 2012

Pondering Bakery in Missouri

I am seriously considering opening a home based bakery in Missouri. Is there anyone that has their bakery in Missouri and can point me in the right direction for information on getting started with the paperwork (licenses, fees, etc)side of it?

Thanks a lot! Have a good day! :)

Sea Sun
Feb 15, 2011

Process of Licensing

Licensing: I have researched information for my state and received documents which outline licensing guidelines, as well as the application.

Once you file the application and the fee, then what is the next step? Do they schedule a time for the initial inspection or do you just wait around for this to happen?

I have a shop that is willing to sell my cookies but obviously I need to be licensed. I also have a couple other places that may be willing to sell my product.

Must you need a LLC or a EIN, if you are not hiring any employees?