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Group for busy moms who want their family to eat well!

Melanie B
Aug 22, 2011

Freezer Queen

I got into the habit of cooking a bunch of stuff every other weekend (every week may be necessary for your family). I make batches of spaghetti sauce, pot pie filling, chicken Parmesan, all sorts of soups, taco meat, enchiladas, a variety of casseroles, meatloaf, etc...anything you can make and freeze. Then portion it out into serving sizes that fit your family's needs. Pull it out of the freezer in the morning, add a veggie or salad, and dinner is ready in 30 minutes or less.

I actually started doing this when there were just 2 of us at my house and we were on different schedules. I put meals into individual serving sizes, so my son could warm up a meal before he went off to class. I could also take a portion to work for lunch. I've told others that you just build up a rotation in the freezer. Make a double batch and freeze half. In a few weeks you'll have a lot ready in the freezer if you don't have a weekend to spend cooking.

I also make cookie dough and freeze it in a zipper bag. Make sure to write the cooking time & temp. When you get ready to bake them, bu the tip off the end of the zip bag and squeeze out your cookies. Fresh baked cookies if you can't eat a whole batch at one time.

Another plus, in the hot summer, you only spend one day heating up the house cooking and baking.

Muna Escobar
Aug 19, 2011

new group

I though it would be neat to start a group to gather all our whole grain recipes. I use freshly ground flour and I know there are more out there that do too and others that just strive to add more whole grains to your diet. Please join us and share some of your best whole grain recipes.
The name of the group is Whole Grains.

Jul 2, 2011

what's for supper~

Am searching for really good chili recipes without beans if possible,,my mother in law used to make her chili with rice mixed in,,,i just like a good chili!! Also, am looking for recipes from scratch for great custard pie, brownies--moist, white or yellow cakes, dumplings and homemade pasta,,,can anyone here help me out??? Would greatly appreciate the help!!! Thanks, and have a safe 4rh, everyone!!!!

rachel villagomez
Apr 22, 2011

perfect for 3rd shift moms

i work 3rd shift and anything i can make ahead or all day is right up my all since my boys are in so many activities after school i hardly have time to cook i just put up a great recipe that is easy and quick. called slow cooker gumbo try it and let me know what u think. also any suggestions for other easy quick recipes are appreciated

A New Group!

A new group has been created called Cookies,Cookies, Cookies! Stop by and check it out. Thanks!

Anna Bolton
Dec 24, 2009

First Recipe Post

I just posted a family favorite - great for this time of year!

Give Jim's Silly Soup a try - you'll like it.

Cherie Hammond
Nov 13, 2009

First Recommended Recipe...and the "challenge" is on!

Here is my first recommended recipe...and the first time I made it! I am well-known for trying out new recipes...even on guests! I recommend this for us busy moms as it was fun to make and resulted in a "from scratch" meal! I did need to stay in the kitchen the whole time, but I was still able to go through the mail and check and respond to emails at the same time! I served it with salad and garlic bread (store bought this time)! It is a unique blend between spaghetti and lasagna. Next time I am going to try a different combination of cheeses. Maybe ricotta or cottage cheese with the sour cream. OK...someone else try it and let us know what you think!!! The first "challenge" begins. Oh...and I was still able to make it to the PTO meeting on time after making sure homework was begun!!

Cherie Hammond
Nov 8, 2009


This group is for busy moms who want their families to eat well! Whether you are "power walking" marathons to stay in shape while being part of the PTO, driving to lacrosse, football or rugby games, or cheering on the marching band...we want your quick, delicious and nutritious recipes, as well as, other helpful mom hints!