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Some of us have food blogs. Some of us are thinking about starting food blogs. This is a group for us to help each other enjoy and succeed at food blogging.

Adrienne Boswell
Jul 1, 2011

Visit Each Other's Sites and Comment

I think it would be great thing to visit each others' sites, perhaps share a link in Facebook, or some other social network. Perhaps, even a blog post about just going to visit everyone else's blog, what you found, what you liked/disliked, etc. I don't see anywhere in my profile to post my food blog, so I'm going to share it here, and hopefully, others will reciprocate and we can get our blogs a lot of visitors!

Please feel free to join me at . Be sure and post your blog address, and mention you are from Just a Pinch so I don't think it's spam.

I have good ranking on Google for The Good Plate, the title of my blog, so please feel free.

Oh, and happy 4th of July!

Question For Fellow Food Bloggers

I've been posting my recipes as several sites over this past year and my husband/friends encouraged me to start my own food blog and Facebook page, which I did. I joined some prominent food circles but I just don't seem to be generating an audience. My friends think that its just because it seems everyone and their mother has a food blog these days and it makes it harder for new upstarts to get started. Lots of foodies already have their favorite blogs so it makes it hard to get followers and visitors to the new sites. Do you find this is true for your blogs as well? How are you generating your audience? Just curious if anyone feels the frustration I do some days. I like what I do and its not for the audience or fame and certainly not fortune (lol!) but I'd like to feel that I'm not talking to myself.

*taps microphone* Is this thing on?!