Cheesecakes Galore

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I get a touch of home magazines from time to time.I found one that has some really yummy recipes.Well the one I got last week is mostly cheesecakes.See what you think of these recipes.

Shannon Martin
Jul 9, 2012

specific cheesecake recipe

My mother-n-law, used to make my husband a cheesecake everytime we would visit. It was baked in an angel food cake pan and had pineapple chunks in the bottom. It was so huge and fluffy, so creamy. She is gone now and noone can find the recipe. Anyone have any ideas?

Rosalind Morrison
Oct 21, 2011

New York Style Cheesecake

I too love Cheesecake and at one time I had the best recipe in the world for NY Cheesecake. I have searched everywhere for it but no luck. I noticed many of the receipes are quick, but the one I am looking for had several temperatures required. You know,start with cold oven, cook at one temp for so long, change temp for another period of time. Does anyone have such a receipe? I really don't mind the extra time if I could just find it.

Roda Laser
Aug 1, 2011

What's your favorite cheesecake?

I am happy to have found this group. Cheesecakes are my family's favorite sweet treat for holidays and birthdays. I too like cheesecake the best of all. I also enjoy making them! I even have my granddaughter making them. She likes preparing cheesecakes so much that she asked of springform pans for Christmas and you know I got them for her. :D
My favorite cheesecake is pumpkin. I have posted the recipe.
How about everyone else...what is your favorite cheesecake?