"little Known' Household Hints That even your grandmother didn't know

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There is always household hints in cookbooks.Some are really surprising.
I found these and I decided to share.

kathy ryder
Feb 2, 2018

oven cleaning

Hey does anyone have a sure way of cleaning an oven. its fairly clean but i have some black spots that wont come clean thanks so much

kathy ryder
Apr 26, 2015

paint from wood

Hi I just painted my bathroom and have paint on my woodwork, does anyone have a home remedy to clean the paint off the wood borders? Thanks

Debbie Sue
Oct 10, 2014

The Absolute Best Glass Cleaner

In a spray bottle mix 50/50 water and 91% Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).
It needs to be 91%!
This is used to clean museum glass and anti-reflective glass in fine frame shops.

It will clean all your glass without a streak. Use a micro fiber cloth.

I promise, your glass will be perfect!

kathy ryder
Oct 4, 2014

mealy flour bugs??

Hi everyone whats the best way to deal with those mealy bugs that like noodles flour and such??I just bought some quart glass canning jars to put pantry things in it.Buts whats best in keeping ritz crackers and such also freshest? I know i need to get rid of these bugs apparently they got into 2 of my cupboards. thanks so much.

Dorothy Trent
Aug 27, 2014

Flat surface stove top

Does anyone have any useful hints for cleaning a flat surface stove top. Thank you in advance.

Sassy Daniel
Jul 16, 2014

Thank you.

I would like to thank any one who said a prayer for our friend Cory Steele tonight after being in a terrible accident. The other car that was involved had one casualty pass at the scene of the accident. Cory and another person were taken to the hospital in critical condition. They didn't expect Cory to live. In all our prayers and love for Cory it was his time to leave. He passed at 10:pm tonight right when we were viewing the accident on the TV new broadcast. We don't know yet if the other person was in the truck with Cory or in the car. But please still say a prayer for all of us because now there is a open spot in each of our hearts. We know we will see him again one day and he's okay where he's at but it still hurts because he was so young and had a troubled life to start with. Although we do not know the other two people who was involved in this accident please keep them and there families in your prayers. They will have a hard time getting over this too. Thank you once again.

Sassy Daniel
Jul 16, 2014

Need prayers Please.

Asking for prayers please.

I don't ask for much from my friends here maybe an occasional prayer. Now I am asking for a prayer for one of my kids. He's not my son but he's everybody's son. He has been on his own since he was 15 years and he is also a Jehovah Witness. When he was a baby his mother through him across the room and bounced him off the wall. He a slow learner at things because of that. His ex step mother went and rescued him . From then on he was passed around from relative to relative till no relative would take him and that where the Jehovah Witnesses came in. He became friends with one and that was all that needed to be done. Other then that he is a great person. He is 23 year's old and we were just informed that he was involved in a very serious vehicle accident on Hwy 231. They have taken him to the hospital but the word is that he is passed critical and may die tonight. Could you please find it in your heart to say a prayer for him ? His name his Cory Steele. All of us including my husband and I have taken him in and let him live with us. I guess that's why every one is so close to him. I call him everybody's child. We all call him squirt . But we would appreciate any help in the prayer department .Thank you