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I didn't see a single group on this site that is dedicated to good soups and stews. For those of us who live in climates that inspire good, hot, hearty soups, this is a good place to share your favorites. If you're someone who loves to create spur-of-the-moment soups from the week's leftovers, this site is for you, too!

J. White Harris
Feb 22, 2017

Rice Congee For Lunch Today

This soup is so good. Today I added some mackrel to it and it was lip-smacking delicious.
Rice Congee

Heidi Hoerman
Sep 6, 2016

It's been awfully quiet, what with summer dragging on and on ...

Too hot for much talk of soup but I'll put in my summer discovery for some inspiration.

I had a Thai friend from grad school days come for a visit while she was attending a conference on this side of the oceans. We went to an Asian grocery store and I got to pick her brain about curry pastes, etc. One of our purchases was a container of Aroy-D Tom Kha paste. A dollop of it with water and coconut milk makes a fantastic soup base! We'll have frequent, authentic Tom Kha Gai this winter! Here's a recipe for a faux one I've used before I had the magic paste!

Thai-style Chicken Coconut Soup with Lemon & Lime