Holiday Tips

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If you have any questions, or good tips and shortcuts for this very busy cooking season, post it here!

Peggy Lawhon
Nov 21, 2010

Keep your cake from sticking to the serving plate

Before placing your baked cake on the plate, lightly dust the plate with powdered sugar. This keeps it from sticking to the plate and the slices come out in whole pieces rather than falling apart. From the cakes I've made, it doesn't stay white, it turns the color of the cake. You can dust the top of the cake just before turning it upside down onto the plate too.

Lori Trivisani
Nov 21, 2010


Is there an easy way to cut up turnips??? I love to eat them but never make them because it is to hard to cut them up.

Susan Carter
Nov 16, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Crust

I am looking for some good advice on how to keep the crust from burning on the edges of a pumpkin pie!