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I have made this statement for years,You put chocolate on it and I will eat ALMOST anything.Well I decided to start a group with just chocolate recipes on it.O.K.friends of just a pinch step up and share your chocolate recipes with us

Pat Duran
Aug 27, 2016

chocolate does the

body good...


Sea Sun
Dec 4, 2015

Old Fashioned Fudge?

Let's discuss!

I decided to make fudge last night using the marshmallow/chocolate chip recipe. I had never realized just how "Tollhousey" it tastes until I licked the bowl. It set up beautifully and I actually made it in the microwave...mostly as a challenge to myself as I never thought it would turn out. lol Well it did, though I'm not satisfied with the taste.

Does anyone have a recipe for a tried and true old fashioned chocolate fudge?


rayna maxey
Feb 4, 2015


I just joined the group and I checked out the groups recipes. wow, I will one of every thing please. Have a great day to all.

Jean Fisher
Mar 29, 2014

Almond Bark & Nuts

I had some leftover Almond Bark from Christmas. I decided to play around a little to see if I could come up with something Yummy. I love to munch on nuts of all types anyway. I took some pistachios & almonds. Chopped them in pieces. I chopped up the almond bark. Melted it at intervals in the microwave & added the nuts. Spread it all out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then sprinkled some also on top. I let it cool about three hours until hardened. It was delicious!!

Nor D.
Mar 29, 2014

new to this group

I am a chocoholic. You can tell by my recipes I post here. This is my Easter chocolate recipe I thought I would share with you all. Thanks for coming up with this group. For the love of chocolate!! Yum