Sugar-free cooking

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I already have several sugar-free recipes on just a pinch but don't have them in one place so,I'll find them and put them together.

Linda Hall
Aug 23, 2012

Just Can't Please Everyone!

Hi Everyone,
My husband has Type 1 and I have Type 2 diabetes. I try to cook healthy and still make desserts that we can eat; however, the rest of the family hates artificial sweeteners! Therefore, I either have to make two versions of everything or find ways of reducing the amount of sugar. I'm hoping to get lots of ideas and share some of mine.

Maureen McCarthy
Aug 1, 2012


Hello, my name is Maureen and I am trying to eat healthier. Sugar Free sounds like a great idea! Looking forward to sharing/receiving recipes.

Jackie Conley
Jan 20, 2012


So happy tofind sugar free recipes!!!

annie Melton
Nov 8, 2010

Sugar-free Eagle Brand milk

2-cups Splenda
4-cups dry powdered milk
1 1/2 cups Hot water
Put everything in a quart jar and shake till the mixture is well mixed.Put in refrigerator overnight and you will have sugar-free Eagle Brand milk in the morning.enjoy