Ideas on growing things in your part of the world

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Everyone has their own way of doing things no matter where they live.I came across a couple of things of mine and wanted to share them with you but had no group so here we are.

Jane Whittaker
Nov 21, 2010

Tomato plants

this year I had beautiful herbs, but my tomato plants had issues. the blossems rotted, as did all my neighbors. I am in zone 9. Does anyone have an idea on what happened?

Jane Whittaker
Nov 10, 2010


I live in zone 9 and have to plant in tubs beacause i live in a State Park and the racoons are busy.
This year my herbs did beautiful, but the tomatoes blossemed, then they turned brown abd rotted. I even tried the topsy turvey and the same thing happened. Anyone know what the ans to this is? i would love to grow instead of buy tomatoes, and cukes too, the cukes did not make it either

annie Melton
Nov 8, 2010

How you do thngs in your own part of the world.

Healthier Tomato Plants
First get a bail of hay.(oblong)Make two holes in the bail of hay.Fill with Top soil.Make hole in the top soil.
Take two large double handfulls of old fashions oats,add 1-Tablespoon of epson salts,2-tsblespoon of sugar and three Toms( not sure if you are supposed to use the big or small toms)Add miracle grow for tomato mixture.Stir well.Put this mixture in a hole in the bail of hay.Make a hollow place in the mixture.Plant tomato plant and pack top soil around the plant.
Water the plant really well and take care of plants as you normally would.