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We had such a great discussion in the "Looking For" group about using candies, fondant and marzipan. Share all your creative tips and experience here. Tell us how you decorate cakes, petit fours and cupcakes.

tiffani ross
May 20, 2011

new group

Hey everyone I started a new group called spookly fun halloween goodies. please stop by and share some spooky good treats, drinks and tips.

Robbie Mitchell
May 17, 2011

New to Fondant Working

Hi all,
SO I'm very much into baking and such and have started teaching my self to work with fondant. It's pretty slow going. I work full time and go to college online. Also I live in a very rual community so my resources are very limited as far as places I can go to get tools or advice. If anyone could offer some ideas or advice or any little tid bit really that would be great!
Thanks a million!

Patti Brown
Feb 28, 2011


Has anyone else here ever been to this website? Some really good cake recipes, but even better, really yummy things baked inside a cupcake!!


I've made the pumpkin pies in a cupcake and the hearts in a cupcake. Both were excellent.

angie bryant
Feb 27, 2011


Has anyone tryied just using the fondant with tylose. I saw someone on youtube use it that way but I have never tried. I mix my fondant and gumpaste together now to avoid cracks in my figures but the last person still cracked a little. Just wondering if anyone knows any tricks to keep my pleple smooth ... thanks

Rebecca Klingbeil
Jan 24, 2011

Making Colored Sugar at Home - Maybe you can help?

Okay... my kids and I have allergies and sensitivities, and because of that we don't eat anything with artificial food coloring in it (or artificial sweeteners.or artificial flavors including vanillin [artificial vanilla] which gives me migraines...).

Be that as it may, this makes decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies interesting. I DO have natural food coloring, so that's okay but I would like to have colored sugar for decorating things.

Does anyone know the technique for making colored sugar yourself? I have found 'safe for us' colored sugar a couple of times, but it is very expensive, and not in our budget right now. If I knew how to put the food coloring and the sugar together and get something I can shake on cookies I'd be in heaven. Can anyone help me?

Other ideas for making decorations (a recipe for fondant maybe?) would be useful too. I can find (if I look) 'safe' (for us) candies, sometimes. Depends on the candy, and some are too expensive.

Thanks for any help.


Dec 29, 2010

Another Revelation

Thank you to all of my friends for your prayers. I need them. Sorrow aside.

I need to go on and the best way I know how is to Thank God for my sanity. I have to retain my humor, my love & with that - I am going to respect my son's memory, by telling this:

When he was 5.

So sweet he was, he convinced me to iron (we are talking steam iron here) his shirt for Kindergarten - (yeah, blue pin striped), however, when he got off the school bus that day, his older brother Jimmy, (whom I had instructed with a raised eyebrow to take cate of Joey} faced me in the yard & said - "Mom, he had a little fight".

Excuse Me ? Define Little !!!

And there he was - "Joey" shying away from me, his newly pressed blue pin striped shirt - with button holes torn..and where bottons used to be gone (as in ripped away). His black eye, but he wouldn't cry.

The march to the house was silent.
I didn't say a word.

Guilt happens.

Jimmy spoke up first.

He said "he started it" Ok - Who? That Bully that Joey hit.

I didn't even look up.

I just said "ok, what happened?"

Carmen, my daughter - three years older than Joey, was crying.

"Mom,", I said "Carmen, what happened?

She said "Joey punched a guy for calling me fat."

hummm, and then what?

"Well, Jimmy punched him, and Joey knocked him down - and the Principal wants to talk to you".

I see.

Joey is in Kindergarten, Jimmy is keeping the bigger boys from hitting Joey & Carmen is crying. "Excuse Me ?" ?


Jimmy said " Mom, Nobody picks on us anymore, don't be mad".

So, I made dinner, took care of the black eye, ironed another shirt, resewed the bottons , tucked them into bed after the baths and said their prayers with them.

This is family - Thank God.
(The principal agreed with me).

I learned a lot that day. I'm not mad - just knowing there is love helps

Dec 10, 2010

Tip on plastic wrap

I'm sure this is not a world shattering discovery and probably a lot of the more experienced cooks already know this.

When a recipe instructs me to "wrap tightly in plastic wrap and remove the air", I use cheap gallon bags that I bought at the Dollar store. They are sold with ties and do not have the ziplock top.

Plastic wrap sticks to itself and I have a devil of a time getting it straight to wrap dough, fondant, etc.

The bags are so neat, just drop it in, squeeze out the air, twist up the top & tie.

Plus, an added benefit is they cost less in the long run than plastic wrap.