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Hints and tips to help make your day go easier

Barbara Pratt
Sep 27, 2011

How to keep apples from turning dark after peeled.

Every fall I make crock pot apple butter. It requires over 3 lbs peeled sliced apples. To prevent the apples from turning dark before I have them all peeled, I lightly spritz them as I peel and slice each apple with lemon juice.

Nov 29, 2010

Cups for One or Many

I take the foil muffin cup liners and fill them with Jello or Pudding, cranberry sauce, You name it, and you have individual
Jello Cups for Seniors and Parties, and NO More MESSES. Hey, ^ what the heck, No dishes for the 2 legged dishwasher either. also works for deviled eggs, so they don't roll around your plate as your going thru the Buffet line. Works Great!!!!

c g
Nov 13, 2010

salt balls

i was watching a italian cooking show on pasta/gnocchi making. she opened a jar and in it was a salt balls for salting your pot of boiling water. or if we couldn't find these use a tablespoon of salt. also she made this using shredded zucchinni, squash, potato. what a nice way to sneak in vegetables in our diet. i go to specialty shops so i better ask for these. don't need them but it would be fun.

annie Melton
Nov 4, 2010

Helpful hints and tips to help you day go easier

Every Friday night,we make pizza using our bread machine to mix the dough.Since my kids like making the dough(and to save cleanup time).I line up 10 resealable ,quart-size bags--one for each pizza crust--and measure out all the ingredients into them.
When it's time to bake the pizzas,we just add the dry ingredients to the liquid.I do the same
thing ,scones and cornbread.