Whole food cooking

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Cooking great food from foods that you can picture where every ingredient came from. If it no longer looks anything like its original origin its not real food anymore.

Blondie Pussycat
Sep 25, 2011

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Hi, y'all! I have joined this group, because I, too, think our food should be WHOLE. I cook most of my meals and buy as much organic food as I can. Luckily I live in a city that has Organic grocers really close to me. I look forword to sharing and reciving recipes, tips and any knowledge I can soak up from this group. Blondie xoxoxo

Amy Croyle
Jul 8, 2011


Today I picked up some stuff to make my boys (and me :) popsicles!! I have a bunch of the Tovolo BPA free molds and tomorrow I am planing to make some fresh cherry and coconut milk popsicles and some dairy free fudgsicles made with coconut milk, dates, avocados, honey and coco powder. I made just the chocolate pudding out of this stuff for the fourth thinking I would make the left overs into popsicles to try it out but there was none left over!

linda keene
Nov 8, 2010

remembering 1963

i was ten years old and fastfood was not even a thing we indulged in. all our food was made from scratch. i am hispanic so my mom made her homemade flour tortillas , beans , rice, and main dishes all at home. boy , times have changed. we went out to eat maybe 3 times a year, and it was usually McDonalds when the food was made hot and to order. not like the yucky half cold stufff you get now that does not even resemble the pic's you see on the windows. tv was black and white ( mostly) and gas was 28 cents a gallon. i think it will be fun to see what we can come up with ... i have even fallen into the fast food trap quite a few times and hope to crawl back out!!