White Chocolate Lovers

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I love White Chocolate! Thought I would start a group for all the other White Chocolate lovers out there! Please Join and share with me and everyone else your favorite White Chocolate Recipes!

Anthony Nicometi Jr
Feb 14, 2013

Attention White Chocolate Lovers!

This is my recipe for a White Chocolate Creme Brulee. And It doesn't get any more pure than this. Us White Chocoholics dream of this kind of stuff right? Check it out, Pinch it, Give it a try :)

White Chocolate Creme Brulee

Dee Stillwell
Sep 12, 2011

Chocolate for Christmas Candy Making

I just want to remind everyone that it's getting that time of yr again. There are so many candy recipes that call for adding parafin or shortening to ur chocolate to dip ur candies and truffles in. The taste it horrible and the ingredients are too expensive to ruin like that. I have been a candy maker for 40 yrs and always use dipping chocolate for my truffles, molded chocolates, dipped fruit, ie: strawberries, dried apricots, etc.

Alot of ppl have told me it is hard to find dipping chocolate where they live. If u have a Sam's Club near u, u are in luck. During the holidays they sell the best brand I know of, Ghirradelli in 2 lb bars in white and chocolate. I strongly suggest u stock up when it hits the shelf. U will love the results of ur Christmas candy by using this product.


I also love white chocolate and have some recipes i will share. good idea natasha, thanks.

Natasha Cannon
Nov 2, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you so much for joining and for posting the recipes they all look so yummy!