Armywives of The Army

Hosted by Sabrina Holt
Group active since Fri, Oct 29, 2010

This group is for the Armywives of The Army, where we all can meet in person, share recipe's, and hangout drink coffee and let our children play,while our loved ones are deployed overseas or just home for R & R,this group is for any Armywife whether or not their spouse is deployed

Patricia Nance
Nov 19, 2011

Always an Army Wife

I am 74 year old and a widow of 5 years. My husband was Willard, a criminal investigator in the Army, serving in Korea, three trips to Vietnam, Germany, Japan, and CONUS He was a JROTC instructor for 18 years at Benton High School, Benton Arkansas. I grew up in Bauxite Arkansas, a mining town, much like a military base. With retirement it took me many years to adjust to civilian life. My family loves to cook and eat. I can remeber dates by where we lived in the world in that decade. My memories are presious and I have recorded many of them for my family.

Sandi Moorhead
Oct 31, 2010

Will an Ex Army Wife qualify to me a member of this group?

I'll be telling my age by saying my husband was deployed to VietNam while we were married, so I know a little bit about what you are going through. We didn't have computer's at that time, so ce could only communicate by snail-mail. Sometimes a letter would take as long as three weeks to arrive. One Sunday morning, the headlines in our local paper claimed my husband's camp had been bombed. I didn't hear from him for over two weeks after that, and I was a '"basket case" by the time I heard he was OK. We were divorced three years after he came back to the States. Anyway, hope being an ex-army wife qualifies me to join this group. Best wishes to ya'll, and please thank your husband's for me, for their service to our country!