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In August of this year, I won BIG TIME at the Jefferson County Fair in Boulder, Montana. I'm looking for other Fair winning recipes, both County and State Fair entrees.

The local newspaper, the Helena Independent Record interviewed me this past Saturday and ran the story in today's paper. The link to that story is:

Judi Harris-Nulle
Aug 30, 2011

County Fair Winnings

Hello everyone! Well, another year has gone by and this past weekend was our Jefferson County Fair, in Boulder, Montana. I entered three items: 1) Raspberry Streusel Muffins;
2) Blueberry Cobbler; and 3) Cherry Pie.

Both the Raspberry Streusel Muffins and Blueberry Cobbler won Second Place. The Cherry Pie won a Champion Ribbon! I am so pleased. I will post the Cherry Pie recipe here. The other two still need work so until I can make them better they won't be posted here.

Judi Harris-Nulle
Jun 3, 2011

Recipe Website

Hello all!

Just wanted to let you know that today I published my recipe website. Check it out at:

Let me know what you think!

Gail New
Mar 18, 2011

A New Group For You

Hi, I just started a new group called Gail Answers Your Cooking Questions. The Link is below. Hope you will join me.

Judi Harris-Nulle
Feb 22, 2011

Getting married . . .

I wanted to share with all of you that I am getting married this Friday. My fiancee and I have been together for almost 10 years. This past January 20th he was diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer. He will be having a prostatectomy at City of Hope in California either in late March or early August. Because of his diagnosis, we have decided to get married. we've always said that if anything catastrophic happened, we'd get married and so we are!

Just wanted to share our good news and bad news with you.

Gail New
Feb 21, 2011

Can Anyone Explain who this person is?

Hello Ladies,

I posted earlier today that I created a new chat group called Gabbin with Gail.

I was soon contacted by Bea Liles (Coffeetime) and informed that there was already a chat group called Chatterbox,, I am very well aware of this, and I looked at Bea's profile and it said that she had only been a member since October of 2010,, She also pointed out and made it clear that she was Offended that I posted Gabbin with Gail Chat group in All of the groups I am in as well as Chatterbox,, She is wondering why.

I explained to her that It was just a little chat group and I in no way meant to offend or step on anyones toes.. But Bea seems to be highly upset as she went to every group I posted Gabbin with Gail and informed me that there was already a chat group.

Is she the Site Owner or a JAP site administrator of some kind? Have I done something terriably wrong?

Please advise me as I sure don't want to break any rules here at JAP.

Any advice would be most helpful.. Thank you.

Gail New
Feb 20, 2011

Gabbin With Gail

Dear Ladies,

I hope you don't mind, but I created a Chat group called "Gabbin with Gail" You see, I am disabled and spend alot of time at home by myself. Due to being disabled with Degenerative Disk disease and Artirits it is very hard for me to get around like a well person. Also, I have some anxiety and depression probems, which my love of cooking and sharing recipes has helped alot,, It is a type of therapy, When I am in the Kitchen cooking, All Problems and demands seem to melt away.

I would like anyone who would like to join me, Let's be friends and get to know each other better to please click the link below and come join this friendship group.

I would really appreciate it.

Gail New
Feb 20, 2011

Baby Ruth Bars

This is the first recipe I have posted on JAP. You can also find the How to video on my You Tube Site at gailiepoovlog. Hope you enjoy it. Baby Ruth Bars

Gail New
Feb 15, 2011

Your Recipes Created On You Tube

Hello, I have been a avid You Tuber for over a year, I do almost daily vlogs on my page telling what is going on in my life and family. Also, I do cooking and recipe videos as well.

I hae just created a new group called Your Recipes Created on You Tube. This is the link to the group.

It would be a honor for you to join my group, Post your recipes and watch me create them on You Tube for you. Please come join me and check out Your Recipes Created On You Tube and make some awsome new friends and share your recipes.