Famous Chicken Recipes

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lol Okay, so I'm hoping you can find this discussion a little easier than the previous one. Dedicating this post to all those awesome chicken recipes that I know are out there!!!

ali Bresnahan
Feb 11, 2012

good dinner tonite...

i made Peruvian Chicken , with red and yellow sweet peppers, onions and spices. pretty darn good.

Peruvian Chicken

Sue Adame
Apr 26, 2011

what is better than chicken

well chicken with fire roasted tomatoes! ha-ha

My latest addition. enjoy

Chicken with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Sue Adame
Apr 24, 2011

Awesome ingredient = awesome group!

Happy that there is a group dedicated to chicken. One of my favorite ingredients to use. I am looking forward to viewing and trying some of the recipes posted here. I hope you enjoy the following two that I want to contribute to the group. Happy Easter!

Herb de Provence Chicken

Maple Baked Chicken Breast

Lynn Socko
Oct 28, 2010

End of the week-well almost

Good Morning Ms. Jennifer. Did you get your wings last night, how many did you eat. lol I went to bed at 8, rolled around till after 10, slept till 9:15 this morning & of course ended up in a fog because I got toooo much sleep, probably won't sleep too good tonite. Story of my life, too much sleep or not enough. I usually wake up between 1 & 3 for my bathroom run, then can't go back to sleep till 4 or 5. Hate those nights, last night was a pleasure, except for my "worrisome" dreams. If I'm not worry about something when I'm awake, I am while I'm sleeping! I love it when I have one of my "skinny" dreams. lol

Lynn Socko
Oct 27, 2010

New day, new discussion

Jennifer, of course I couln't find my way back to the comment you made about my cookies, so I figured I could catch up with you this way. How is your arm, sometimes wounds ache worst the second day than the first. Hope your better. Did you get supper delivered or made for you last night?