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For folks that like to prepare wild game...recipes and cooking tips for all wild game dishes.

deb baldwin
Dec 24, 2016

Merry Christmas

Here is a web cam I came across this morning...Elk refuge at Jackson Hole, Mt


A bit foggy this morning , but you can see a few elk

deb baldwin
Oct 22, 2016

How is it going for all you hunters?

I am hoping that everyone is doing well with hunting.

Our season right now is elk..We decided to go to another unit this year and so glad we did..My husband and I was very lucky to each get a spike. They are hanging in a cooler and will pick them up and cut/wrap our own meat on monday.

Deer season: has started, but we have not gone out yet for deer. We usually wait till November 1st.

I got a Traeger (smoker/bbq) for my birthday this year and I have been having fun cooking on it...I found out I did not like the fish in the Traeger but the venison & other meats are wonderful..

deb baldwin
Dec 5, 2015

How is it going?

Hunting season is closed for me now until next year...We did not see one elk during elk season, but saw a few after it was closed..so good that they are not all gone.

My husband and I also each got a spike whitetail deer. Just got it cut up yesterday and only two nicks on my fingers. We had the tenderloins for dinner last night..just melted in my mouth ... it was so good. So glad we have venison meat in the freezer...

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Cindi Bauer
Nov 29, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich... "YUM"

I've never had a turkey and cranberry sandwich, not until 5 years ago, and after I came across this recipe, which was posted by Emily Mathews at food.com. The turkey and cranberry sauce goes so well together, plus the bacon, mayo, and provolone cheese, brings this sandwich over the top. I love this sandwich, and hope others will give it a try!

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

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Diane Hopson Smith
May 29, 2014

Not related to Wild Game Cooking but about the wild and so neat

Of all days to NOT have my camera with me! Just walked down to the mailbox with our 2 dogs; Flossie and Bailey. Flossie starts running and bouncing up ahead of us. As I approach I see her in some tall grass/weeds and I call her. About the time I call her a baby deer jumps up from where Flossie had been standing over her. Then the chase is on. This little and I do mean little deer (could only be days old) was running up the drive with Flossie just running along side it straight toward me. When the baby deer got up to me, it just dropped at my feet. I could have picked it up...I mean it was almost touching my feet it was so close. Now I'm yelling at Flossie because I'm about 99% sure this baby is about to die. But our sweet Flossie didn't want to hurt it, she wanted to play. Mama deer charges out of the woods, I'm sure to rescue her baby. I turned and saw her coming and when she saw me she went back into the woods in one direction and the baby jumped up and ran off in the opposite direction. I got the dogs back up to the house as quick as I could, hoping mama and baby find each other.

What awesome wonders in this world!

deb baldwin
May 13, 2014

Articles on Packing, Trail Riding, Camping & Hunting

Great web page for information on packing your mule or horse..and other useful information.


Cindi Bauer
Apr 27, 2014

Venison Stroganoff, this was today's dinner!

Today I made one of my favorite venison dishes, which to me is great comfort food. This stroganoff is not like most stroganoffs, while others are made with a creamy white sauce, this one is made with a creamy tomato sauce. For those who enjoy venison and stroganoff, I hope you will give this recipe a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
Venison Stroganoff

deb baldwin
Apr 18, 2014

New elk video

Beautiful elk video...Does anyone go shed hunting?

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