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Please join my group, and post your favorite comfort food dishes, and beverages. Examples: Stews-hearty soups-hot turkey/roast beef sandwiches. Cobblers-add a cider recipe. The holidays are coming up, and we all would love to read some warm inviting recipes. Feel free to post pictures. Please include our group intials thanks. Have a wonderful day!

Lori Harbin-Combs
Jan 3, 2017

Loving from the oven!

I love comfort food! I'm sharing my newest recipe with yall. East Texas Sweetie Pie

Jeremy Martin
Jan 1, 2017

Comfort kimchi rice

This is a non-traditional Korean recipe for comfort rice, Umami kimchi fried rice with fried egg but it is so comforting and warm and spicy and just perfect for the winter, try it out!

Gail New
Jan 16, 2015

More Recipes - Less Mindless Chatter.

This is Gail, I became very dissapointed with JAP when it got to the point where every group I was in seemed to be about chatting and not a whole lot about cooking and recipes. With that... said, I left JAP for several years because all I saw in most (not all)m but most of the groups was chatting about whatever is going on and not concentrating on posting recipes. I came to this site to post and share recipes not to hear about what was on Downtown Abby last night.... So I left... I am back now and would like to give JAP another chance.

I would love to see your recipes and the links to pinch them. I am making some changes in my group which I have changed the name to Freezer Cooking Recipes. It is my goal to talk about cooking and recipes and freezer friendly foods than what is going on in the gossip community and who is in what "click". I will not have that in my group.

Freezer Cooking will consist of light chatting about cooking and be on topic about recipes and what your favorite recipes to make ahead and freeze for later dinners.

So, If you are sick and tired of mindless chatter that has nothing to do with cooking or recipes I invite you to come and join my group. The Link is below:

Also I would really appreciate it if when you post a recipe to feel free to post a photo if you like but especially provide a link to your recipes so we can get to them faster and pinch them.

I hope that you enjoy my group and will come join me. MORE RECIPES LESS MINDLESS CHATTER.

Cindi Bauer
Nov 29, 2014

Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich... "YUM"

I've never had a turkey and cranberry sandwich, not until 5 years ago, and after I came across this recipe, which was posted by Emily Mathews at The turkey and cranberry sauce goes so well together, plus the bacon, mayo, and provolone cheese, brings this sandwich over the top. I love this sandwich, and hope others will give it a try!

Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

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Cindi Bauer
Jun 29, 2014

I have a really delicious Apple Dip recipe to share!

I hope members of this group will try this delicious dip recipe. You can serve this as an appetizer, snack, or even as a dessert if you like. Plus you can choose your favorite type of apple to go along with this dip. I happen to like Granny Smith and Golden Delicious Apples. Once you try this dip, you'll know why I posted it in this group, as I consider it to be comfort food. It can also be quite addicting!
Apple Dip

Gail New
Jun 10, 2014

Freezer Recipes

Hey gang, my husband is buying me a freezer so I can make some cook ahead and freeze meals. Can any of you send me links to your favorite cook ahead meals? I would so appreciate it more than you know. Thank you in advance. .. Gail. .

Cindi Bauer
May 27, 2014

My 1st rhubarb dessert I made this Spring!

Look what I made with the abundance of rhubarb my sweet daughter Jenny had given me!
Cherry Rhubarb Crisp

Gail New
Apr 30, 2014

I am looking for recipes for church functions and dinners.

I am proud to tell you all that I have recently joined a church that I really love. I am looking for recipes that are easy to cook and transport to church dinners and functions.

Wanted to ask you ladies to post the links to your favorite take to church recipes be it main dishes to desserts. It would be greatly appreciated.