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I have been a diabetic for several years and cannot have sugar in desserts anymore.So I have got some sugar-free recipes.I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who is in the same boat.I have already put a couple sugar-free recipes on here but i have more so I will share them with you.

Penney Nile
Jan 26, 2014

Perfecting Sugar Free Brownies

I have a question for any of you who might be a little more expert on sugar free baking than I am... I made a batch of brownies using Splenda last night, and because there are six of us in the family, I double the recipe because I wanted to fill a 9 x 13 pan. While they turned out tasting fine, they were barely half an inch thick. I had expected more of a rise from them. Other than the Splenda, everything else was typical for a brownie recipe. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a thicker brownie in this size of pan? Do I need to triple my recipe in order to get that, or does someone have a secret they're willing to share?


Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


Posted 9:14 PM on Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Carol Parkhurst mscarole

7 Hours Ago

Please read!

On sugar-free. I did not know this. I eat sugar-free A lot!

Thesa Gibson
Feb 1, 2013

New to group, new to juvenile diabetes

Youngest daughter just diagnosed Jan 2013 (at the age of 20) with late onset type 1 diabetes. Since there is no diabetes on either side of our families, I am trying to learn quickly new ideas and shopping habits. While I know she is not a "child" anymore, she does still live at home while she works to get money for school and car. Any tips, thoughts, prayers would be appreciated. Thanks all!

Ka Garrett
Jan 14, 2013


I am not diabetic but it is in my family. I hope to learn more about it and be more supportive to family and friends to struggle with diabetes every day..

robin klein
Jan 11, 2013

diabetes/restricted sugar intake.

Hi all. I have been a diabetic for about 15 years. I have made so many recipes that are sugar free...most are horrible. I want to make a GOOD sugar free fudge. Not weird tasting and texture. I do try to eat low carb. which is so hard to do. I am having problems finding recipes on this group lol. I hope to get to know some of you and share recipes etc.


Christina Aplin
Oct 22, 2012

Hi everyone i'm new to the group. I'm looking for some sugar free candy recipes and also baked goods recipes that are sugar free .

I'm looking for sugar free recipes for candies, and baked goods (breads and cakes ect.) My husband and my mother are both diabetic and we have several friends that are and also been recently diagnosed.

I make alot of baked goods and candies for the holidays and i do gift baskets and i would like to do the sugar free ones for the ones that need it..

can anyone help me out ?


Lyn Starr
Oct 21, 2012


Well, both my husband and I have typeII diabeties. We have been in and out of control. The last 6 months has been readings 80 to 102, then I started to cook again without regard to our condition!!! We have shot up to 120's!!! This has to STOP!

I stumbled on to this site by a Sugar Free Pumpkin Dump Cake recipe! Thank you!!

"Slimtievia" is a great sugar subitute! A little expensive, but we decided that our health is worth it! I bought it from Amazon.

I look forward to learning to control better!! Thanks for having me! xo Lyn*