Gluten free for college kids

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I would like a gluten free group. My daughter is on a gluten free diet, and is away at college. She eats well at school, but I am always looking for recipes, so that I can send her a package of goodies! Thanks for your input!

Dee Stillwell
Jan 23, 2011

roasted bean snack

I saw Rachel Ray making roasted garbanzo beans last year and tried them..OMG these r great and fairly low in carb, fat and high in fiber. I made some blackeyed peas with the recipe posted below for New Years and they were awesome. The change I made was to sprinkle with a lil' olive oil sprinkled on seasoning and just a bit of brown sugar(could use Splenda I guess or omit it) and roasted them
@ 350 deg instead of frying them. Stir aft 20 min and watch carefully so they don't burn. Roast time was 40 min. Depending on bean size how long they have to roast. I can see endless possibilities and flavors. Soy beans are very low carb and would be great.
Blackeyed Squeaks

Cherie Rogers
Oct 25, 2010

looking for Gluten free...?

There is another gluten free group (in this recipe club) you may want to check out if you are looking for Gluten Free recipes...

"The Celiac Disease Group"