Goofy Gardeners!

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For those of us who love to garden and can our own foods.

sheryl wilcox
Nov 14, 2010

How are the Goofy Gardeners?

We have had great weather for Iowa. I drained my garden hose today. Put somethings in my compost pile. Still need to clean off the old garden spot. I will be doing things different come spring. The pepper plant I brought in a couple weeks ago isn't doing to good,but its hanging in there so the peppers can ripen. Does anyone know where I can get seeds for Hatch Chilli peppers. I love them.

sheryl wilcox
Oct 29, 2010


We are to have a hard frost tonite. I live in Iowa. I still had some green tomatoes on vine and one nice pepper plant, just loaded with little peppers. I picked the tomatoes and dug up the pepper plant. I will pot it and try to keep in the house intill all peppers ripen. I hope it works. Have never tried to keep one in the house. I don't know if pepper plants are determint or indetermint. Does anyone know? My tomatoe plants, I get some of both, so I have a lot ripen together to can and some that is still growing and producing come fall. I am redoing my garden this next year. I have always wanted a Troybuilt tiller and never got one. I bought a book on square foot gardening, it really made since. I am going to try that and will not need a tiller. But I don't know about sweet corn and the square foot thing,since it has to pollinate. Will I be able to plant enough to pollinate right. I guess I need to read up on this more. Good nite everyone.

Teresa Grant
Oct 28, 2010

Canning and the garden

I just started canning again, another thing i wanted to let others know, you can, can meats also , here if we get deer meat i like to cube it and can it, you can use it for BBQ and stews. I am new here and i am always willing to learn new things. Happy gardening and canning

Michelle Antonacci
Oct 28, 2010


Hi I just ran across your group and am very excited! My husband and I garden every year, we basically can or freeze almost everything we get from our garden. I am big on canning and preserving my own foods because I don't like the thought of not knowing what we are really eating with store bought products. I have my own little flock of laying chickens so we can have fresh eggs and I buy our meat from local farmers that we know well. My friends and family get a real chuckel sometimes and ask when were getting a cow for milk. lol.

Running Garlic
Oct 28, 2010

New Members

Hi...I just joined up last night and am so glad to find a Garden Group! Thought I would start this thread to introduce myself and other new folks.

I love gardening & currently we have 2 homes and it can get tricky gardening at both during the summer since they are 5 hrs. apart! Alot of trial and error and patience! The rewards from a garden are so exciting; can't wait to share!

Debbie :-)

angie bryant
Oct 17, 2010

preparing my garden for next spring.

I am by no means an expert gardener. I love to learn more about my garden each year. This year I am looking for goat poo to put in my garden this fall. The nitrogen it to be good for the soil. Any thoughts on how to get the garden ready for spring?