EveryDay Staples

Hosted by Robin DuPree
Group active since Sat, Jun 23, 2012

I wanted to design a group that focuses on the everday and inexpensive staples that most people utilize everday in the process of daily cooking. Staples are a major and regular part of the American's diet that contributes to a great proportion of health nutrients and energy, not to mention reasonably priced and affordable to any home. Furthermore, staples can be kept in large and gross quantities without quickly decaying making a large purchase economical and convenient for a busy and frugal household. The downside to staples, however, is that they can be redundantly prepared without a satiable variation to a family's diet making it quite repetitive and mundane in my experience. I thought that I would start a group that focuses on the preparation of food staples such as beans, rice potatoes, and soups while trying to create new versions of these foods to utilize flavor and design a new food experience. My personal goal every month will be to try a new recipe that includes a staple with a unique variation to the palate. So please come join me, and share, to begin a great food adventure.

Robin DuPree
Feb 2, 2013

Here is my new recipe for the month

Chicken (Pollo) Tropical /Dominican Republic /A very sweet and refreshing casserole for your family, not to mention a different variety...